Zoom In to Take a Secure Step: A buying guide for your Home Security Camera

digital home security solution

The popularity with the concept of the CCTV camera makes it a synonym for the security device. To keep home/apartment safe from intruders and burglary CCTV camera has become the need of the hour which gives a 24/7 live streaming updates to the user. Security cameras are equipped with integrated technology that provides real time updates to the user’s Smartphone. The digital home security system market offers a variety of product to suit every budget, but the real task is to figure out and understand what is it that you need. We sum up some of the important aspect that will guide you to purchase the best security camera.

  • Important features of a security camera:
    1. Wi-Fi capability – A security camera with Wi-Fi option are wireless and can be easily connected to the Smartphone. With its easy accessibility the user gets a 24/7 live streaming updates of their home or apartment. Moreover the Wi-Fi option makes it much more effective and compatible with the other secured devices. Due to wireless system intruders cannot disable the security system. Another advantage is that the security camera can be connected to the cloud storage which keeps track of all the recording.
    2. Motion Detection – The smart security camera feature a motion detection sensor that sends notification to alert the user when it observes any motion within its field of view or any suspicious activity. Side by side of sending alert to the user if it is connected to the security alarm then the siren will immediately start buzzing.
    3. Field of View – It refers to the capability of the camera of its area of coverage based in width. The field of view of most of the security camera range from 130 degrees to 140 degrees depending upon different brands. Knowing the field of view will help you to know exactly how many camera you need to install in your home.
    4. Night Vision – Night vision is one of the important features of the security camera and it depends upon how a camera performs under low light. Security cameras that are equipped with high resolution lens and infrared vision are best for low light vigilance. Though the performance also depends upon the price and the brand.
    5. Storage – Most of the smart security camera are designed with cloud storage facilities which keeps the track of the video clipping and send the required data to the user as and when require but it depends upon the subscription plan. Few security cameras provide the option of local storage facility but for accessing the live video streaming one has to opt for the cloud storage and subscription plan.

The other features include sound that a camera receive via a microphone connected with it and can also be used as an intercom. These are generally the main features that need to be considered before purchasing the camera. The performance of the camera also depends upon the storage, cloud facility and the subscription offer by different brands.

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