Your home security decision can influence your peace of mind: Self Monitored Home Security System & its Benefit and Drawback.

Digital Home Security System

Sometimes we desire to have a digital home security system where we can have the option of full access and customization to the digital home security system. The same feeling arises for those who have a tight budget or can’t afford to pay the monthly subscription. If you are confident that you can maintain your home security system without monitoring personnel and could respond to an alarm that you can move on to the Self-monitored or unmonitored digital home security solution. It’s true that it will limit some of the features of the digital home security system but with high decibel alarm and a mobile alert for detecting any type of intrusion will help you to tackle the basic home security problem. Some of the benefits of the Self Monitored Digital Home Security System are

  • Cost Effective – The Self Monitored system is very cost effective as most of the digital home security system features DIY (Do-It-Yourself) installations. This reduces the cost of the overall installation system. The self-installation feature with the DIY system reduces the cost on installation and as most of the leading companies eliminate the contract basis of subscription you have to only pay for the additional features that you want to include to your digital home security system.
  • Integrated Home Automation – It also facilitates integrated home automation features. The wireless security devices are designed to operate through internet access and connect to your smart via Wi-Fi connection that let you monitor the security of your home. These features are up-gradable and as each of these security devices can be connected to each other they provide effective performance. Moreover, a lot of new security features can be added over time. And as most of this is IFTTT compatible, they provide more secure access to your home through internet connectivity.
  • Relief from False Alarm – A nice benefit of the self-monitored digital home security solution is that there is a lesser chance of triggering of false alarm. As in this type of home security system, there is no option for monitoring personnel or local emergency team so the system does not automatically contact the police or fire station. If there is a false alarm you can turn off by log into the system using your Smartphone. In emergency case you can contact the required personnel to deal with the situation.
  • Full Access – The best part of the self-monitored digital home security system is that it grants more or less full access to the digital home security system. The offers and the upgrades vary from brand to brand in the digital home security system. Generally, the owner has the full control on the basic features of the digital home security system but with the additional features, one may have to turn for the subscription.


But despite all the highlighting benefit of the self-monitored digital home security system one question that it raises is the effectiveness of the alarm and the security level as there are no private security personnel to keep a watch on your area. Moreover, the self-monitored digital home security system depends highly on the internet to send text and alerts the failure of connection can put your place under risk. There is some digital security device that runs on the main power of the house which should have strong battery back up to tackle the power cut off situation. You also did not get discounts on home insurance as discounts are available for systems that are professionally installed and monitored. Not paying for monitoring home security system can be expensive if it leads to burglary and personal threat. Therefore Self Monitored digital home security system is good to the extent of cost-effectiveness but if you are searching for peace of mind spending on professional monitoring and installation will sound like a good investment.



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