Xfinity a Complete Integrated Smart Home Solution

Review Of Xfinity Home Security Devices

Xfinity devices for digital home security solution
Xfinity Home Security Devices

Review Of Xfinity Home Security system

Xfinity home security system gives you the luxury of integrating your home security system with the internet and cable TV. Xfinity designed its product and networking system to channelize the overall connection into one. In this aspect, Xfinity is considered best for integration with home internet and cable TV. If you are looking for a home security solution that works as an integrated part of your home’s technology, then Comcast’s Xfinity is your go-to option. Xfinity home complements its security device like sensors, motion detectors, and controller with other aspects of its service such as internet and voice/phone which will help you to see video feeds and security recordings on your television. The voice recognition capability of the Xfinity remote controller will help you to manage your home security and automation devices. You will also get some added features of home automation which includes smart lights, door locks, and a garage door controller. This facility is convenient for a homeowner to have a single company that provides a comprehensive set of home automation with the home security system.

  Choosing Xfinity over other home security devices will give you the cost advantage. By customizing monitoring and home security with other Xfinity services will help you to obtain promotional packages that will reduce the net cost of a professionally installed alarm system to about $25 or $30/month. From the service perspective, you will found Xfinity home as an all-inclusive monthly subscription for home service. Moreover, Xfinity establishes an efficient team that deals with the installation of security and smart home devices and provide phone-based support. Since its inception in 2010 Xfinity has become a global player with more than 1 million customers.

  The highlighting aspects of Xfinity are that it provides a discount on availing of bundled services. And you have to pay the bill to a single company who will cover your home security as well as cable TV and internet service.

  The prices of the Xfinity home security varies from time to time depending on their promotional offers. Moreover, Xfinity is yet to launch a Video Doorbell which lags them compares to other competitors.


Base Price: The base package of the Xfinity home security include a motion detector, three door/window sensors, touch screen controller, and a keypad. You don’t have to pay any upfront cost for the starter pack instead there is a two-year contract. For availing additional equipment you have the option of either paying its upfront cost or opting for a monthly installment over a period of six months to one year.


Monthly Fees: Xfinity’s Home standard plan will going to cost you $39.98. It includes professional monitoring and use of base equipment. You will get discount offers on promotional packages which will amount to $25 to $30/month. For accessing the video recording facility you have to spend $9.95/month which will enable you to store 10 days worth of video clips to your timeline.


Installation: The professional installation of the base package will cost you $99 on the basis of per visit. Xfinity says that it usually waived the fee for adding Xfinity home to their cable package for their new and existing customers. The range of the installation fee will go higher if you add more sensors, cameras, lighting controls, and a thermostat.

Lock-in Subscription Plan: Xfinity usually does not charge any up-front cost but requires a 2 years contract to get started. After the completion of 2 years, you can own the equipment other than the controller.


Equipment Warranty: You will get a lifetime warranty on all equipment purchased from Xfinity provided only while you are under a contract from Xfinity.


Return Policy: Xfinity provides all its user with the option of a full refund if cancel within 30 days due to an unsatisfactory result. You will get a full refund for equipment purchased and installation charges.


Home Automation: Xfinity home security service also partly assist the user with a home automation solution. Apart from manufacturing and selling of home security devices it also designs and sells its own brand of home automation product which includes thermostat, smoke detector, camera, and outlet controller. You can also make your choices from the company that works with Xfinity program as it offers an extensive list of thermostats, smoke detector, garage door opener, and door locks. This product can also be integrated with the digital home security system and mobile app. The automation partners of the Xfinity include August door locks, Nest Thermostats, Sengled lighting, Kwikset door locks, GE lighting, Ecobee Thermostats, Lifx lighting, and the Chamberlain garage door opener. One of the major setbacks for Xfinity is that currently, it’s not compatible with Google Home or Amazon Echo.

   Stringify a home automation brand was acquired by Comcast Xfinity in 2017 for upgrading its DIY software based scripting service to set up an automatic sequence of event.


Is Xfinity Home compatible with smart door locks?

Xfinity works in collaboration with Kwikset to integrates four of its door locks. It is also in partnership with August who provides four additional door locks that are compatible with the Xfinity home security system.


Does thermostat integrate well with Xfinity Home?

Xfinity home automation package includes thermostat for your home security installation. But if you already have a thermostat of some other brand like Nest then simply linked it to the system by adding login information to your Xfinity account.


From the overall perspective, Xfinity is a one-step solution to your home security and home automation problem. In the digital home security solution Xfinity is one option which helps you to integrate your home security connection with cable and internet services. This integration feature helps Xfinity to act as an umbrella by channelizing the different subheads of the digital smart home solution into one.


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