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The Top Professionally Installed Digital Home Security Systems of 2019

  • Vivint Smart Home
  • ADT Security
  • Brinks Home Security
  • Xfinity Home
  • Nest Secure

Vivint Smart Home

Vivint is a renowned brand in the home security segment and is considered best for its complete package in the digital home security system and home automation segment. Vivint’s basic package comprises of a touch screen control panel, motion detector, and two doors/window sensors for $599. Additional components such as smoke detectors and cameras increase the price of the equipment. You will get the option of paying upfront or financed at zero per cent during the contract period.

   The Smart Home plan of Vivint starts at $39.99 per month and provides 24/7 professional monitoring. The Smart Home Video plan of Vivint starts at $49.99 per month which gives you the option of accessing the live video feeds. It also comes with 14-day storage of video clips for up to two cameras.

   In Vivint, you will get a choice between the lock-in subscription plan where either you have to pay for the equipment upfront and then you have to become a monthly customer or you have to opt for a 42- or 60- month contract. The 60-month contract includes an optional zero per cent equipment financing and monitoring. Once you are done with the financing of the equipment you can opt for monthly service subscription.

  All home security and home automation equipment of Vivint are warranted for the first 120 days of installation. Moreover, with Vivint, you will get the option of free in-home consultation to design your security system.


ADT Security

ADT is one of the oldest brands in the home security segment with most monthly subscribers and biggest monitoring network. ADT is helpful for consumers because the company has local representatives who can visit your home to help you figure out the setup that’s best for your security needs. When it comes to Pro-installation ADT is always an option to look out for, as it doesn’t have any upfront cost and dealers only charge $99 for the installation fee.

   The monthly plan of the ADT is approximately between $30 and $60 a month, depending on the customization and the equipment package. The prices may vary based on the purchases made through ADT Corporate vs authorized dealer. Moreover, ADT has a 36-month lock-in plan.

   The warranty coverage of ADT, for the most part, depends on the dealers. Some dealers provide a three months warranty for the home security equipment. ADT also offers an extended limited warranty under its Quality Service Plan and charge $7 a month. The plan covers repairing of natural wear and tear for the equipment except for the batteries.

  Like Vivint, ADT sends an advisor to your home who helps you to create a security plan that suits best to your needs. ADT provide state of the art equipment at a comparatively better plan.


Brink Home Security

Brink digital home security system is a better option in the pro-installation segment for its discounted equipment and well-established network of monitoring centres. Brink like other security company does not send an expert advisor to your home but have a phone consultation with the customer which helps both of them to have a clear idea about the proceedings.

   Starter plan will be going to cost you $199 and includes one motion detector, one control panel, and three doors/window sensors. The monthly subscription plan of Brink starts at $29/month and includes LiveVoice Assist, Smartphone control, and home automation features. For $39/month you will be able to access the Brink Home Complete with video plan. The video plans come with a storage option of up to 1000 clips per month from multiple cameras. The lock-in the plan of the Brink Home Security System is for three years. Moreover, Brink comes with a two years warranty and a return policy of 30 days


Xfinity Home

Xfinity is the best choice for integration with home internet and cable tv. Xfinity Home comes with an all-inclusive monthly subscription which includes wireless sensors, cameras, other gears and include professional monitoring as well. Like ADT and Vivint, Xfinity design most of their own security equipment so that it could be well-integrated with other aspects of the company’s home automation solutions.

   The base package didn’t have any upfront cost and includes a motion detector, door/window sensor, and a touch-screen controller. The cost of additional equipment can be paid upfront or in monthly instalments over a period of six months to one year.

   You will have to pay a monthly fee of $39.98/month for availing professional monitoring. They provide an offer on purchases of multiple home security product. In Xfinity, you will get the option of a 24-month contract.

    Under the contact of Xfinity, you will get a lifetime warranty on their home security product. Their return policy is also very simple where they provide a full refund for the installation and equipment purchases if you cancel their product within the first 30 days.

   With Xfinity, you can have a convenient choice to install a single company that provide a comprehensive set of home services. It’s important to note that technical and customer support of Xfinity is dealt separately so when calling the company to follow the instructions or it will end up in getting a mismatch.


Nest Secure

Nest Secure is ahead of others for its monthly contract free monitoring. Nest digital home security system created a Nest Pro network of independent contractors who are specialized with the installation and dealings of the home security product.

   The base price of Nest Secure starts at $399 and includes 2 Nest detects, keypad controller combined with entry sensors and motion detectors. The starter kit also includes two RFID tags. Nest gives you the option of expanding and customizing your starter kit with an outdoor camera which cost $498. You can also add a video doorbell or Smartlock to the base kit at a price of $548 and $633, respectively.

   If you opt for professional monitoring of Nest equipment, you will get it through Brink Home security. Nest charges $29/month for professional monitoring. Nest Secure subscription plans are convenient as it gives you the option of leaving at any time. Moreover, it offers a lock-in plan of 36 months for $19. It also gives an equipment warranty for 2 years. The return policy is very easy as they provide a full refund for the product returned within 30 days.

  The hybrid approach of providing professional monitoring through Brink means that the security system is reliably installed and that you have professional monitoring. Also with Nest Pro contractor, you will get a technician who is available if a problem arises without the need for a long term contract.

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