Why Do Security Camera Have Blinking Red Lights?

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When I imagine a flashing red light in a security camera, I imagine an old-school CCTV camera system. Or I could remember a fake camera when the real camera was too expensive for most people.

The highest quality and real security cameras today have changed that constant red blinking by multifunctional LED lights that indicate the state of the camera.

Colour guide of the LED security camera

You know that a solid green light is good, but what about the other colours? Red, green, blue, solid or blinking: what does all this mean? The status LED on your security camera transmits a lot of information if you understand what it is saying.

Use this practical guide to know the state of your camera and what you must do to obtain that solid and coveted green light. We have modelled this guide after the different light indicators of our indoor wireless camera, but it is applied to many security cameras on the market.


Quick Q&A 

Question: Why is the purpose of red light in a security camera?

Answer: If your camera works perfectly, but you see a soft red glow from inside, this is a different kind of light. Those red lights that you see in a security camera are infrared LED lights for night vision. The Infrared light helps the security camera to keep track of activities in the dark. (Some cute creatures like frogs also see in the dark using infrared light, but humans can not see infrared light, but fortunately, our cameras do it for us.)

If you have a night vision enabled security camera than you may notice a very faint red glow emanating from your camera when the surrounding area is completely dark. That red light on your camera is an infrared LED, placed right next to your camera’s lens to help you “see” better in the dark. Not all cameras with night vision capability have these lights, but many do. If they bother you, you can probably turn off the night vision LEDs.


Solid Red Light 

The wireless indoor camera is running in a problem that prevents it from functioning properly.

How to troubleshoot: Check if you have made any changes to your wireless network, such as your network name and password, your service provider’s configuration, your router’s configuration, or your computer’s location.

If you are not completely sure what is causing the red light, we recommend that you try turning your camera off and on. Follow these steps:

  • Unplug the AC adapter from the back of the camera
  • Wait for 5 to 10 seconds and then plug it back in.
  • Wait 1-2 minutes for the status LED to turn green continuously

If you are still encountering problems, try restarting your camera. Follow these steps:

  • Use a straightened paper clip (or similar tool) and insert it into the reset port on the back of the camera below the antenna. Make sure you feel that you are touching the button.
  • Wait for the status LED to start blinking red and green, then remove the clip
  • Wait 1-2 minutes for the status LED to turn green continuously


Solid Blue Light

If you see a blue light in your security camera, this indicates that your device has been put into privacy mode, which means that live viewing is paused.

How to solve problems: If you have inadvertently activated privacy mode, press the WPS button to deactivate it. The WPS button varies by the camera, like in the most wireless indoor camera or the wireless outdoor camera, the WPS button is labelled on the back of the camera. For the premium indoor camera, the WPS function is available through the buttons on the top of the camera. See your configuration guide for more details.


Solid Green Light

A green light in a security camera is always a good sign! This means that the camera is connected and everything works as expected.


Blinking Green Light
If your security camera is flashing green, it is probably still in the configuration process. Alternatively, you may have finished setting up the camera earlier and moving it to a new location.

How to solve problems: Let the blink continue for about a minute and it should end, leaving you with a steady green light. If this is the first time you set up WiFi in your camera, make sure that your Internet connection is stable and that all cables are properly connected to your router.

For more help, you can contact the customer service of your residential digital home security system. 


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