What is The Right Alignment of Mounting an Outdoor CCTV Camera

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Most outdoor surveillance cameras are mounted on the walls of the main structure of the house or on the peripheral walls. However, unless these outdoor surveillance cameras are installed at the correct height, they won’t be able to capture the important visual elements and make it ineffective.

What happens when the outdoor cameras are mounted too low or too high?

Mounting the cameras too low can be an invitation for vandals and thieves, and an easy way for potential criminals to defeat the digital home security system by damaging the camera’s lens. In addition, cameras will not have a wider viewing angle, which means they will not be able to monitor and capture the environment.

Installing the camera too high means that when you see the captured images, you will only see the top of the visitors’ heads and no faces. CCTV cameras have a limited distance in which they can emit infrared to capture images. If the camera is mounted too high, it will not be able to adequately illuminate the surrounding area and, therefore, will not be able to capture clear images.

So, what is the best height to install outdoor surveillance cameras?

The most suitable height at which you should install your surveillance cameras is 7-8 feet. It is just above the easy reach of a miscreant or potential thief and close enough to the ground to capture faces and valuable information.

There are certain advantages of installing a camera in a higher place, such as 5 meters. You can capture a larger area and can cover a wider view of the property.

Eurovigil has a wide range of outdoor surveillance cameras that you can choose from and their customer service team will help you install it in the best possible position to maximize usability.

What else is there to look for in an outdoor surveillance system?

The height of the camera itself does not guarantee the best security of surveillance. You may also want to see the definition of the camera image, the camera’s long-view capabilities, the width of the lens and the zoom functions to complement the basic functions of outdoor CCTV systems.

Finally, it is recommended that you should allow a professional to install their outdoor video surveillance cameras for your digital home security system, as they will consider all their requirements along with the structure of the house to reach the best possible places to install them. 


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