Watch Out! The Fraud Play of The Home Security Brands

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Installing a digital home security system is always a good idea to go ahead with but in the process, if you are not aware of the conspicuous nature of your go-to brand then it can pose a potential threat for you. You may still wonder how but in the last few years with the rise in the buying and installation of the home security system there has been an increasing number of scams and frauds reported worldwide.    

As a homeowner, even with professional home security systems, you can still be a victim of common scams. Since these home security scams and frauds are becoming common and can potentially compromise the security of your property, you should know how to detect and protect them.

These are the most common scams and frauds that you should be aware of:

  • Offering Equipment for Free 

Companies can try to attract customers through incredible offers, such as offering free equipment. Some of these agreements come with conditions, and some suppliers require customers to sign contracts that see them pay monthly monitoring fees. In other cases, the company will sell defective or inferior security cameras. You should avoid rushing to sign documents, as these could be expensive contracts designed to exploit you.

  • Demanding a Fast Decision 

Selecting and buying the right digital home security system for your home is not only an important decision but also a great investment. Therefore, you should take the time to make sure you make the right decision. However, some companies will try to make you take a quick decision by telling you that they have a limited time offer or that they only have one system left at a discounted price.

  • Beware of Fear Tactics

Companies can try to pressure it by instilling fear. Some of the common tactics include inventing stories about the increase in robbery cases in your neighbourhood. They could also make their way to your home and refuse to leave until you sign a contract. You must be courteous but firm and call the police if necessary.

  • Manipulating Existing Home Security System Users

Sometimes, these companies send people who claim they need to inspect the existing system. However, they will end up getting rid of the old system and replacing it with a new one that attracts a high monthly rate.

The Bottom Line

Working with professional security companies will be a great help in ensuring that you buy and install quality equipment. It is also better to check the reviews of the best digital home security system before you buy them. And always take your time to evaluate what’s best not as per industry standard but as per your requirement cause that will give you the optimum utility of having a digital home security system.   


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