Vivint Outdoor Camera PRO Knows the Difference Between a Bystander and an Intruder

Digital Home Security Solution
Vivint Outdoor Security Camera

Powered by A.I. technology

Vivint has come up with a new digital home security solution, an A.I. powered outdoor camera that can detect whether someone is loitering or just a passerby. The new Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro will even try to warn someone with a red light and then one of five different sounds.

The main function of the camera is called Smart Sentry, which allows you to customize how long they should wait before deciding that someone should not be in the property from one to 90 seconds. The Outdoor Camera Pro can also distinguish the difference between cars and pets, and will not trigger an alert when they are nearby.

How the camera works

When the new camera thinks that someone is leaving too much time, it activates an alert through Smart Sentry to send it to a mobile device. You can also see a thumbnail photo of the camera and start talking through a two-way conversation with the person as well. They can also push a siren through the system as well.

To avoid an overload of notifications, you can configure notifications to receive alerts whenever it detects someone, or only when Smart Sentry believes that the person should not be there.

Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro will compete with other intelligent security cameras, bell cameras that are used in intelligent home security systems. It has a 140-degree view, night vision and a 4K HDR sensor to provide 1080p live broadcast and recording, even if someone comes close to the image. Registration numbers, details on someone’s face: all are easy to see and read.

You can also extract recorded videos on demand, and these can be shared with other people, including police, neighbours and authorities, through the Vivint Smart Home application.

Smart professional security for the home

The Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro is included as part of the Vivint smart home system, which also includes smart locks, lights, thermostats, doorbells and interior cameras, security sensors, garage door control. The company offers you a complete security system for the smart home that is installed professionally. Moreover, you can also select from a series of smart home devices that it can add to its system, based on its smart integration technology.

More recently, the company adds automotive protection to its system, called Vivint Car Guard, which can send you alerts if something happens to your vehicle. No matter whether it is parked in your home, or even driven on the road, cause it works through an OBD II device installed in the car. 

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