Vivint Car Guard a new initiative from Vivint to Expand your Home Security System

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Vivint Smart Home is expanding from smart home/digital home security system services to car security with a new service called Vivint Car Guard. Vivint Car Guard consists of a device that connects to the diagnostic port on board your car, as well as an application for smartphones which can be integrated with the security offered for the home / smart home of the company.
The hardware side of the Vivint Car Guard will send notifications to your smartphone if your car is hit, towed or stolen. It will also inform the error codes of the engine control module of your car. And since it is equipped with a GPS module, you can create a geofence around your house so that your smart entry locks will be locked, your garage door will close and your residential security system will go into armed status as soon as it exists. The geofence can be as small as 1/10 of a mile in diameter.
The custom rules will light the lights when you re-enter the geofence perimeter, but you can not configure the system to disarm, open doors or open the garage door automatically, as these actions could endanger the safety of your home.
But Vivint says that you can set up your digital home security system so that the exterior lights turn on and the security cameras record the video if someone disturbs the car while it is in its driveway.
Homes with teenage drivers can establish geofences around schools and other places to receive notifications when the car enters and leaves those areas. The GPS function will also track the current location and the direction of travel of your car.
You do not need to subscribe to Vivint’s smart home service to buy Vivint Car Guard, but you will need that service if you want those connected home features (and will not work with the digital home security systems for the smart home of other providers).
Vivint Car Guard costs USD $199 for hardware, plus USD $9.99 per month for the service, without the need for a long-term contract (but no discount is offered for the annual payment). The GPS functions depend on the cellular connectivity provided by T-Mobile and are included in the subscription. 


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Source: Vivint


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