Upgraded Home Security Landscape

digital home security solution

In earlier times home security was defined by rigid locks and towering gates. But with changing time the demand for the security system has also changed due to a more intricate lifestyle that we currently live in the present day. Currently the people across the world are more aware of the threats and consequently taking judicious decision on investing in home security product. This boasts the market for the digital home security product and different companies who are dealing with the manufacturing of this product comes with new ideas to upgrade the home security product with new technologies. The digital home security product range from security cameras or light sensors to a variety of integrated smart-home solutions. Due to the increasing demand in the global market for home security product the market is set to cross $100 billion by 2020 out of which $47 billion will be accounted for home security systems of the total security market. The rapid growth in innovations in the home security market offers the residents to access an array of advanced software to keep their premises safe. This spike the user in adoption of app based security systems which let them in command of controlling the whole security system. The contemporary home security systems which are constantly upgraded from time to time includes a set of features like upgraded motion sensor smart camera with A.I. technology and face recognition system. Additionally there are options like night vision camera, 1080p full HD resolution with crystal clear 24/7 recording and a cloud storage. As most of the security components in the digital home security market are building with integrated technologies it gives you the option of smart sync to your Smartphone and let you control it via Wi-Fi. Moreover the app are designed in such a manner that it keeps you updated with additional information side by side of providing you with the option of accessing cloud storage for the video recordings. The advancement of these technologies has not only revolutionized the digital home security landscape but also make it much more user friendly. With the upgrade in the hardware and software interface of the digital home security system it increase the potential and effectiveness of the different security components used for home automation. The home automation is so user friendly that in just a touch of a button it lets the user access the overall security systems. One of the greatest advantages of digital home security system and automation is that the user can protect against fire, break-ins while enjoying automatons of temperature, surveillance, lights and much more. The advent of IoT in the digital home security segment makes it much more effective to the user as it lets the user monitor real world object through the internet and makes it much safer. IoT gives the option of smart wireless digital home security systems which sends alerts to the owner by using internet. With the advancement in the digital home security segment it is expected that the citizen will become more aware of the importance of security and also keep themselves up- to- date with the usage of the new home security technologies cause the lack of adequate product knowledge and its usage may become a flip side of the technology which may backfire on their own security system.


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