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Review and prices of Ring Alarm Home Security System

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Review of Ring Alarm Home Security System

Ring Alarm is popular in the home security segment for its video doorbell and cameras. Currently, Ring Alarm is owned by Amazon and made an entry level into the home security system. The highlighting aspect of Ring Alarm is its low-cost device and economical video-oriented security plan. The starter Kit of Ring will cost you $199. It includes a keypad, a base station, motion detector, a contact sensor for doors and windows and an extension device that for ranging communications. The Alarm Range Extender helps to create more reliable communication by eliminating larger zones in homes where Wi-Fi are not stable.

   The professional monitoring plan of Ring is economical and less expensive than its other competitors. For $10/month Ring Protect Plus Plan include cellular backup, monitoring and the recording of events from an unlimited number of cameras. You will also get the feature of Ring Video Doorbell. For switching to Self-Monitoring plan you don’t have to pay any charges. And you can continue to receive live video feeds and notification on your smartphone.

   If it wasn’t of the poor integration, Ring Alarm could have been a better choice in the home security system. Ring Alarm is still in the developing phase and is believed to eventually create a robust smart home system. Overall Ring Alarm is the best choice in the economic segment and is effective for its camera and a video doorbell.

Best Price: Ring Alarm’s base station will cost you $199. The starter pack includes one motion detector, one contact sensor, one keypad and a device for extending communication range between the device.

Monthly Fees: Ring Alarm offer both the option of Self-monitoring and Pro-monitoring home security solution. You can self-monitor via a Smartphone app without any charges. Under Ring Alarm Protect Plus Plan for professional monitoring, you have to pay $10/month which includes cellular backup and 60 days of recorded events. You will also get 10% off if you purchase Ring products from In the Protect basic plan of Ring, you have to pay $3 a month for a single Ring Doorbell or security camera.

Installation: Easy DIY(Do It Yourself) installation.

Plan Lock-in: It’s easy to cancel or quit Ring subscription plan.

Equipment Warranty: Ring Alarm covers all its product for one year warranty. But if you subscribe to the Protect Plus Plan then you will get an extended warranty.

Return Policy: Ring provides 30 days return facility from the day of purchase.

Home Automation: Ring Alarm is not very efficient in its integrated home automation technology. It does not support lighting, garage door opener, and thermostats and other automated home products. Ring executives say that its alarm equipment is equipped with low power radio communication protocols called Z-wave. The company mentioned that it will only activate the core device equipment when its core security device is used by a large customer base. The same app that is used for controlling video doorbell and camera can be used for monitoring the Ring Alarm Home security system.

Is Ring Alarm Home Security System the right choice?

Ring Alarm is mainly pioneered in the manufacturing of video doorbell and camera. The cameras are equipped with lights, HD video, motion detection, two-way talk capability, and sirens. You can armor your safety by connecting a few well-equipped cameras into the system that you can control and access via a smartphone app. This will also help you to cover a full perimeter of security.  

  While most of the security companies emphasize on the sensors and motion detectors Ring Alarm takes a camera based approach of home security. This means to aware you of a personal presence even before the possible intrusion. Ring cameras are equipped with motion triggered flood light. Some of them are equipped with a solar panel so that you can mount it somewhere that doesn’t have a power source. The key element of home security is when motion-triggered lighting on the perimeter of the house is in conjunction with an alarm system.

  The best feature of Ring Alarm is its rock bottom monitoring plan at $10. In the home security segment this the market’s lowest price for professional monitoring. However, the Ring monitoring center in the event of an alarm depends upon you to confirm an intrusion. According to a popular survey, it is found that the police give more importance to confirmed intrusion than to the unverified alerts.  


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