The Wireless Integration

digital home security solution

The advancement in technology brings a new dimension in the field of the digital home security solution and integrated home automation system i.e. the introduction of the wireless technology. The wireless initiative drives the companies dealing with digital home security product to renovate technologies and make them Wi-Fi enabled so that the different security components can easily be connected via internet and can be controlled via Smartphone. The wireless technology made the digital home security and  home automation system more users friendly as most of the companies dealing with the digital home security product developed an app through which the user can easily control all the security components installed in the house and get notification and alerts if any device detect any possible danger. IoT plays an integral part in wireless in the digital home security solution and home automation as it offers the option of cloud storage which facilitates the user to keep a track of the record of the video clippings so that it can be used for the future reference. The essential components required for the digital home security system are Opto-coupler, TRIAC, capacitors, resistors, regulator, Wi-Fi module, and the home appliances load. The Wi-Fi module acts as a bridge for the exchange of information between the device and the users Smartphone and also syncs all the security components to the cloud storage. There are various Wi-Fi technologies like 802.11b, 802.11g which are used to receive commands from the internet and execute the task by sending information to different security components. This improves the performance of the wireless security device as the device can perform effectively without a current. The smart camera, sensor, alarm, door locks mostly have a IoT feature and is being accessed through internet for which this security components will still perform even during the power shortage.  Some of the benefits of wireless home automation are energy saving as it lower the energy bills and quantify operational energy reduction. The real time surveillance keeps the occupant safety of his/her premises as the wireless security device remain active for 24/7 and the power shortage did not affect its performance. Moreover it gives a convenient and comfortable living solution by giving easy accessibility of control to the user and reduced the key management overhead. The wireless digital home security solution promotes the enhanced living pattern of the inhabitants by offering a more secure technology that fits the modern standard of living. The emergence of the wireless home automation is a vital step towards the digital home security solution and smart city initiative the benefit of which will expand with the awareness of the people towards this market.

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