The Nest Hub Max : The All-in-one Smart Home Hub From Google

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Google’s Latest and Greatest: The Nest Hub Max all-in-one display, smart home hub and security camera

The Google I/O Conference had taken place a few days ago, which is the annual meeting of the technology giant for software developers who work with their growing suite of hardware and software products. In the opening speech, Google’s leadership announced a series of exciting developments for the digital home security solution which includes a product that smart home fans have been waiting for: the new Nest Hub Max smart home centre.

We had some previous indications that this updated version of Google Home Hub (whose name is being changed to Nest Hub) was in process. The Nest Hub Max was accidentally leaked for a short time on the Google Store home page as reported by the Verge. Now that the device is officially launched, we know exactly how it improves on its predecessor.

If you’re completely new to smart home hubs, you can think of Nest Hub Max as a tablet (similar to an iPad) that allows you to control all your home automation devices in one place, either by voice control, the touch screen. Interface and even hand gestures in some cases. The new Hub Max also features a built-in security camera. You can also use it to watch videos or stream music.

Key Benefits & Features of Nest Hub Max

  • Designed for use in common areas of the home.
  • Intelligent 10-inch screen (the old Nest Hub has a 7-inch screen)
  • Voice control “Hey Google” through a new and improved Google assistant
  • Home View control panel, which connects the connected smart home devices and allows you to control them all in one place
  • A built-in security camera.
  • Support for video calls and video messages.
  • Support for multiple users through voice matching and face matching: family members can opt for these features to teach Hub Max to recognize them and receive personalized messages and device options.
Google also recognized the Nest’s specific privacy concerns. Face recognition is processed locally on the device and not in the cloud. The camera does not transmit or record unless you specifically indicate it, and a green indicator light on the front of the device confirms whether the camera is working or not.
These features come together to create a powerful command centre to run an integrated smart home. Unfortunately, we will have to wait a little longer to have one. Google announced that the Nest Home Hub Max will cost $ 229 and start shipping later this summer. Meanwhile, the original Nest Hub (no camera) will still be available for the new reduced price of USD $129. Professional tip: for a limited time, Nest Hub is for sale at Target for only $99.
Finally, if you are confused about the name change of Google and Nest, here is some background. Google bought Nest in 2014. Back then, Nest was already a leader in home automation products such as thermostats, video doorbells and security cameras. Google continued to run Nest as if it were an independent company until 2018 when it decided that the Nest brand would become part of the official set of “Made by Google” products. Nest Hub Max is the first main Nest device launched with this new designation.
This smart home centre is far from being the only new development announced during the opening speech. For more information about Google’s new Pixel phones, updates to its Android software and its emerging artificial intelligence projects, you can see the entire Google 2019 I/O Note on YouTube. 


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