The Godrej Group and its innovation in the Digital Home Security Segment in India

digital home security system

India as a developing country has always lagged in the digital home security market. The lack of awareness among the consumer for proper security measures and inadequate technology are believed to be the main reason. But Godrej since 1897 has come up with some successful prototype design in the lock segment that with the passing on with time they not only offer security to their consumer but also become a synonym with home security to the people of this nation. In the era of the Internet Godrej has upgraded their home security system with new innovative technology to meet the rising demand for new product of the consumer and to cope with the world market. But unlike the developed countries where Smart city initiatives are playing an major role in driving the digital home security segment, Indians with their paradigms and mindset are finding it hard to cruise in for availing a better home security solution. Godrej is possibly the only larger player to have broken this barriers and jinx among the people and raise awareness for security by conducting different seminars and programs. With change in the present trend of lifestyle people over here are also concerned about digital home security and smart cities.

The company is developing different home security product which are convenient, simple, intuitive, and relevant for the Indian market. Godrej has designed and developed two corer DIY home security cameras and control panel for door lock. Both of this technologies are wireless and Wi-Fi enabled and are remotely controlled through mobile base app. They launched camera retail under EVE (Eye Viewing Everywhere) which gets a good response on the market based on the sales figure that rise by around 10%. Some of its highlighting features are night vision, motion control and 24/7 recording and come in four variant. The video door phone is not that effective if compared to its global competitors because of slow pickups other than that the basic function are more or less the same.

Godrej has come up with design oriented innovative technology to drive the market for the digital home security products. Without being specific about a particular segment they are focusing on increasing the market for integrated security devices and with the advent of IoT in the digital home security solution the market is leading to smarter, newer and intelligent product. Godrej is spending a huge amount to come up with new technologies and to upgrade their product better to suit the modern lifestyle. Godrej has undertaken different initiatives to educate consumer about the home security system and to do that they set up exclusive security zone starting with Chennai. They also increase their investment in expansion of their production and advertisement and customer education at the point of sale.

Though Godrej occupies 80% of the home safe market it’s cruising along the other segment to develop its product to global standard and made its impact felt on the world market. Godrej is also upgrading its home security product to enter the digital home security solution segment. Over the time Godrej not only developed itself as a pioneer in the field of home safe and security market but with the advancement of technology and change in consumer needs will lead them eventually to be a contender for digital home security product in the global market.




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