The best wireless intercom for your digital home security system

digital home security system

Today we going to discuss some of the best wireless intercoms with focus on each of its features and benefits and how they are compatible with the digital home security system.

1) Amazon Echo Show Second Generation

It may seem strange to start a wireless intercom studio with the ubiquitous Amazon Echo Show, but be patient with us.

A basic intercom is quite limited in terms of functionality. Echo Show is the exact opposite. In terms of intercom functionality, the large 10-inch screen allows you to make calls between Echo devices with the additional benefit of HD video. So you can call your children for dinner or tell them to turn off the lights. If they don’t comply, you can intervene and turn off the lights using Echo Show anyway!

Unlike some wireless intercoms we see today, you will need WiFi connectivity, but that is what allows you to benefit from much more than just two-way communication with Echo Show. It has a superior speaker compared to the lax offers of most smart speakers along with the built-in advantage of the screen. Of course, you will also enjoy Alexa’s full capacity and all that it entails in terms of smart home control.

So, while it is more expensive than a normal wireless intercom, Echo Show tops our list for its overall value. It has many robust features to stream music and organizes your day. You can also control your thermostat with voice commands and visit the children to see how they are doing with their homework.

Echo Show is the ideal way to speed up communication within your digital home security system without buying an additional device that can do little more.

  • It is versatile that offers audio and video intercom thanks to the 10-inch HD screen along with smart home control and monitoring
  • Alexa compatible for voice control and enhanced speaker with Dolby processing
  • Fulfils a dual function as a baby monitor if you have not yet invested in a dedicated device


2) Motorola Talkabout radio (pack of 3)

We try to provide you with as many multipurpose intercoms as possible today and the Motorola communication specialist offers an excellent package of 3 small phones ideal for use in your smart home or a family outdoor adventure.

They are perfect for when you are upstairs and want to call your children from the garden or if you want to keep in touch with children too young to use cell phones. The radio is remarkably easy to use and a quick scan function quickly picks up the available channels.

You can use older nickel-cadmium batteries that are dumped for approximately 10 hours of runtime or triple them if you use 3 AA batteries instead. Either way, you are watching all the talk time.

While you won’t get Alexa’s intelligence, you can take advantage of the weather reports if you’re away from home, perfect if you’re going on an excursion and you’re worried about an approaching storm.

If you want to communicate with other radios, Motorola is compatible with any GMRS / FRS, regardless of brand, a good touch worthy of any digital home security system.

  • An exceptional range that offers up to 25 miles of wireless communication
  • Two-way communication in a selection of 22 channels, each with 121 privacy codes so that you have more than 2500 combinations at your disposal.
  • These walkie-talkies work brilliantly inside your smart home, but they also work strongly outside


3) Nucleus Anywhere Intercom with Alexa

If you have a more fluid budget and want a change from the Amazon domain on Alexa-enabled devices, why not try the Nucleus Anywhere? While it is not particularly cheap, you will get an excellent device capable of increasing your communications within your smart home or when your family members are travelling.

You can use any number of Nucleus devices if you want a wireless intercom system in your home. If you want more use of mobile devices, simply take the free Mobile Companion application and you can take your intercom while travelling.

The inclusion of Alexa and a touch screen means that you can enjoy communication with your loved ones, even if they are not particularly technology experts. However, Alexa voice service is only available in the US.

  • Multiple purchase options from a single unit to a package of 3, so customize them according to your family’s needs
  • Great connectivity using WiFi or opt for Ethernet / Power over Ethernet for an even stronger connection
  • The 120-degree field of view on the HD camera allows you to see everyone in the room at a glance


4) HOSMART wireless intercom system

Next, we have a much more conventional wireless intercom system for you from the stellar Hosmart. What you lose in terms of multipurpose use, you will get in regards to intercom performance.

With a class-leading half-mile range, you can keep in touch with two-way audio inside your connected home. While we will assume that you have a WiFi network, you will not need one with this intercom to enjoy wireless communications in an impressive range.

If you are worried that others will listen to your conversation, you will get a completely secure channel that is as clear as it is safe.

Although it is designed primarily for home use, wireless nature along with the ability to charge from any power bank means that you can also carry these intercoms with you. This is where wireless intercoms far exceed wired alternatives.

While you won’t get the same range of features available, you’ll get 4 stations included for the whole family. You will also gain some knowledge with the ability to connect this unit to Hosmart walkie-talkies or the wireless doorbell system. If your main focus is clear voice communication, this is a robust and affordable intercom system that offers a lifetime guarantee for total peace of mind.

  • ½ mile range offering one-on-one and one-to-one communication between units, tailored for larger smart homes
  • Rechargeable batteries for a wireless experience with the additional option of using wall power when necessary and the built-in benefit of USB ports for charging
  • Secure communication that includes a secret digital channel for security-minded people among you.


5) Video and video monitor for babies with optics

While it may seem odd to include a baby monitor is a list of the best wireless intercoms, that is its purpose (in addition to being able to monitor your bundle of joy, of course).

The point is that if you do not need to monitor a baby, you can take advantage of the communication and monitoring features of the Infant Optics XDR-8. And if you have a small one in the house, you will get two pieces of kit in one!

If you don’t like the idea of ​​outsiders listening to your communication or even hacking your system, the fully secure 2.4GHz FHSS transmission gives you the freedom to speak without fear of being compromised. This is a radical change away from the always active Alexa devices or the Facebook Portal that sounds the alarms, especially for the elderly.

Most baby monitors are not too strong when it comes to bi-directional communication, but the strength of the Baby Optics here is the main reason we include it in this list of the best wireless intercoms. The disadvantage is that, unlike dedicated intercoms, you will only get a single channel, so communication will be limited to that room. However, you can still open it in your children’s room, even when they no longer have diapers.

Interchangeable lenses give you freedom over the amount of space you can cover. This baby monitor is a good way to invest in a wireless intercom system with some serious integral advantages beyond basic communication.

  • Fully wireless communication with integrated monitoring capability.
  • Extremely secure as it will not depend on a WiFi network for connectivity
  • Fully adjustable camera with wide viewing angle and efficient night vision that provides a first-level monitoring system along with the ability to communicate


The Bottom Line

As you can see, if you are looking for the best wireless intercom that will be compatible with the digital home security system, then you have many more options than you could have imagined.

From Echo devices that fill Alexa to baby monitors, video doorbells for walkie-talkies and, of course, those old-school box-shaped intercoms, you can activate communications in your connected home almost the way you want.


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