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Digital Home Security System

The Implication of Video Doorbell in The Digital Home Security Solution  

In the digital home security solution, a video doorbell is an internet connected digital home security device. It sends a notification to you as soon as it detects someone’s presence near the door. It is operated via Wi-Fi network and record video when any motion is detected or when the doorbell is pressed. A video doorbell enables you with the option of two-way audio communication that allows you to speak with the visitors via your Smartphone.

Most of the video doorbells are very easy to install and the wireless model gives you the option of accessing it even during a power outage. Some of the device support IFTTT and Alexa Voice Commands. This helps you to integrate with other smart devices such as sirens and door lock.

Some of the Best Video Doorbells of 2019

When you are looking for a video doorbell the first thing to consider is a model that offers 1080p resolution. The other aspect includes a night vision that ranges up to 25 feet, a wide angle lens and affordable cloud storage. To make a smarter choice read about the best doorbells of 2019 & figure out which one will solve your problem:

Ring Video Doorbell

The successor to Doorbot is the Ring Video Doorbell, a prototype from where it’s being developed into an advanced video doorbell in the digital home security solution. Ring Video doorbell offers features like motion sensing, night vision, two-way audio, colour option and live cloud storage video. One of the unique features of Ring Video Doorbell is that for $30/year you can store the video recording in the cloud storage. The deterrent factors are poor audio quality and not as high definition.

SkyBell HD Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell

When you are looking for tons of aged feature SkyBell is the best option to count on. Something that made SkyBell HD count for is a snapshot, on-demand viewing, motion sensing, free cloud recording, night vision, high definition, two ways audio, and needs no battery. The snapshot is its more unique feature with which you can watch live video. The problem with SkyBell HD lies in its installation. Beside hardwired connection, you also need an adapter for the proper functioning of the SkyBell HD.

Vivint Doorbell Camera

Vivint is one of the pioneering companies in the security device segment. If you opt for the Smart Protect & Control Package or Smart Complete Security Package you can access the company’s high tech doorbell that comes with it. It works similar to other models but provides quality and effective service to the customer. Some of the benefits of using the Vivint Doorbell Camera are professional installation, cloud storage, live streaming, two ways audio and comes in a package with home automation. The highlighting aspect of Vivint is that it comes with Vivint Smart Home monitoring packages which offer you with a lot of security customization option. But this monitoring package also acts as a con for Vivint as they did not sell the video doorbell separately.

August Doorbell Cam

If you are looking for something convenient in the video doorbell segment go for August doorbell cam. What makes it highlighting is its monitoring sensor, two-way audio, home automation compatible, and video recording with on-demand viewing. Fortune Magazine endorsement and praise makes August Doorbell a promising brand in the video doorbell segment. The slow to update is its biggest drawback that laid it behind.

Zmodo Greet

If you are looking for a video doorbell within in an economical range with a wide array of option Zmodo is the best option for you. It offers you local storage for recording beside cloud storage facilities. Moreover, you can record video on cloud storage without a monthly fee. Zmodo is the most affordable product as it only cost you $150 which is cheaper compared to other brands. The other benefits of Zmodo are easy setup, self/cloud storage, call alerts, night vision, and motion detection. The only drawback of the Zmodo is its lower definition with a video resolution of 720p.

Video doorbells are an essential upgrade to your life. From the context of home automation, it makes your living advanced and as a part of the digital home security solution. Also, it gives you innovative home security. Overall these features add a dynamic concept of home security and with a choice to make you can always count on the video doorbells for you don’t want to open the door for a stranger.


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