Smart Ways To Keep Elderly Safe

digital home security solution

Older people who live alone often rely on medical alerts to receive them quickly. Medical alerts come in the form of a pendant, a bracelet or even a smartwatch equipped for help with the push of a button. These devices are also equipped to send instant medication reminders and upcoming medical appointments. The inclusion of medical alert devices as a part of the digital home security solution has not only to broaden the smart home concept but also proves to be useful for the detection of the common risks of old age people.

Understanding The Needs 

Before buying a medical alert, think about general health and daily activities, as that will determine the type of alert system that will be most effective. If your superior is on the move, consider one with GPS tracking and use a cellular connection to get help at all times. Other medical alerts can be used by syncing it with the digital home security system and can be operated only within a certain range of the base station. Medical alerts cost from $ 30/month. Up to $ 90/month including professional monitoring, activation and monthly rates.

Digital Home Security Solution

Home security providers are creating easy-to-use digital home security solution for older people to use and for caregivers to monitor, such as security cameras. The Aging Specialist, Sara Maloney, of the Central Agency on Aging shared that they are facilitating her mother-in-law’s care experience.

Security providers, such as ADT, offer more equipment with two-way audio and real-time footage that includes video bells to see who is at the door before responding. Other common digital home security system includes smart lights to automatically turn on before your loved one enters a dark room and runs the risk of falling. Security system costs vary by equipment, installation and additional fees, such as professional monitoring, video storage in the cloud to store images from the camera or remote control through a smartphone.

Medication dispensers

According to the American Society of Pharmaceutical Consultants, more than 90 per cent of older people has at least one chronic condition. And, almost 70 per cent of Americans takes at least one medication, while more than 50 per cent takes two. Taking the right medicine at the right time is important to maintain good health. Automatic medication dispensers worry about making mistakes when taking medications. The caregiver adds the doses to the dispenser and when the older person hears an alert, he will press a button to disburse the pills. For some drug dispensers, such as Medicine, if alerts go unnoticed, doctors will also receive an alert.

Automated Reminders

Often, caregivers juggle multiple responsibilities. To better help with your help, consider an automatic reminder like Rosie Reminder. This personalized alarm clock sends appointment reminders, medications and daily activities. Rosie Reminder allows caregivers to create voice alerts for designated hours and with multiple reminders such as an alarm clock.

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