Smart Smoke Detector System

digital home security system

A smoke detector is a device that is used to detect smoke that arise due to any accident and is also used as a typical indicator of fire. The smoke detector device is a security component of the digital home security solution is connected to a smoke alarm which acts as an audible siren to alert the people in the building of the possible danger. The smoke detector are housed in a plastic enclosure and shaped like a disk of 150 millimeter diameter. The smoke detector detects smoke either optically or through ionization a physical process. Sensitive smoke alarm is used in those areas where smoking is strictly banned. Smoke alarm used for residential purpose are mainly powered by battery backup and are interlinked with other home security devices like sensors, alarm and camera. The integration of the smoke detector with other device advanced its features to become a smart smoke detector which has become an integral part of the home automation system. The smart smoke detector also features carbon monoxide detection which makes it much more effective to the user. The smart smoke detector uses a Wi-Fi network to send warning messages or alert to the user as soon as it detects any smoke and the user can control its setting via a Smartphone to turn it off or to take precautionary measures. The limitation of the smart smoke detector is that in case of an internet outage it cannot function properly though some of the companies producing smart smoke detector incorporate Bluetooth option so that it can communicate with the Smartphone when the alarm is triggered. The installation of the smart smoke detector depends upon the type of smoke detector like if it is a battery powered it’s easy to install and access but the hard wired smoke detector require the power of the home at the breaker box to be turned off. Overall the smart smoke detector plays a vital role in the digital home security solution and home automation system and this additional feature upgrades the home automation system to the next level.

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