SimpliSafe a Full Featured, Self-contained DIY Alarm Solution

Review of SimpliSafe Home Security System

Digital Home Security System
Review of SimpliSafe Home Security System

Review of SimpliSafe Digital Home Security System

Simplisafe is a competitively priced home security system which is easy to install and without a long term contract. In the home security segment, Simplisafe is best for its full-featured digital home security system and for its self-contained DIY alarm solution. The starter package of the company which is also called the foundation will cost you $229. It includes one keypad, one door/window sensors, one base station and one motion sensor. SimpliSafe offers a flexible monthly package where you can start and stop the monthly service at any time. However, the basic plan of $14.99 does not offer too many desirable remote functions such as receiving notification or arming and disarming of the system through the app. So to fully utilize all the features of SimpliSafe you’ll have switched over to their interactive plan which will cost you $24.99/month.

   SimpliSafe came into the DIY home security segment in 2006. And now according to the chief executive, the company protects more than 2 million people emphasizing its large scale and long track record.

  • With SimpliSafe you will get secret alerts that notify you about the opening of a jewellery drawer or liquor cabinet without informing the monitoring centre.
  • SimliSafe provides a flexible month to month subscription policy with no long time commitment and cancels anytime policy.
  • Availability of sensors that are effective for detecting leaks, smoke and freezing condition that could lead to burst pipes.
  • The capability and the features of home automation technology are limited.  
  • Customers using SimpliSafe product needs to pay $24.99/month for monitoring plan to activate remote features which is available in other systems at no cost.


Base Price: The base or the foundation package starts at $229 which includes one entry sensor, one motion sensor, one keypad, and one base station. Starting with the foundation package which is available at $229 the company offers at least seven different packages with $489 package being the most exclusive which they called The Haven package. The Haven package includes one keypad, one key fob, one base station, two motion sensors, four entry sensors, one siren, one panic button, one water sensor, one freeze sensor, and one smoke detector.
Monthly Fees: In SimpliSafe the professional monitoring starts at $14.99/month but with limited remote features. Otherwise, opt for the interactive plan which will cost you $24.99/month and includes all the remote features like 24/7 live alarm and environmental monitoring, remote arming and disarming, a cellular connection, secret alerts, app alerts, video alarm verification, smart home integrations, and recording from up to 10 cameras.
Installation: SimpliSafe offers the only DIY installation.
Lock-in Subscription Plan: The subscription plan of SimpliSafe is flexible as it let you switch between plans but at the same time it strictly follows month by month subscription plan.
Equipment Warranty: SimpliSafe provides warranty on all its equipment for three years.
Return Policy: You will get a full refund of equipment from SimpliSafe if returned within 60 days. But despite the money-back guarantee policy SimpliSafe will refund only the total purchase price of your system but not the service time.
Home Automation: SimpliSafe offers limited home automation features which can be integrated to only a few devices. It includes the August brand of smart door locks, Amazon Alexa, Apple Watch, Nest thermostat, and Google Assistant. Compared to SimpliSafe most of the competitors can be integrated with dozens of different automation products. Moreover, SimpliSafe is also not compatible with low-frequency communication protocol like Zigbee and Z-Wave. SimpliSafe also doesn’t use IFTTT which are simple conditional statement set up on the smartphone or the web to trigger a sequence of events.

   Except for August Smart lock, SimpliSafe home automation system does not integrate well with other smart locks. However, the August smart lock comes with excellent features for users wanting remote control and keyless entry. When August smart lock is installed only the inside plate and lever of your existing deadbolt need to be replaced, while the exterior of your door and the bolt remain unchanged.

   Just like mentioned earlier SimpliSafe only works well with the Nest thermostat. It enables the user to modify the temperature settings when the alarm is set to home or away. A note of information that though SimpliSafe has a customer forum but it contains threads where users are unable to resolve problems with integrating Nest Thermostat to the system.

Is SimpliSafe the right Digital Home Security Solution?

In the DIY home security segment, SimpliSafe is one of those few brands that makes all its own security systems equipment instead of building an open platform with third-party sellers. There are certain advantage and disadvantage to the approach undertaken by SimpliSafe. With SimpliSafe you can address certain technical and functional concerns such as the rate of the video camera, privacy controls for video cameras, and the range of its video communications. However, as SimpliSafe does not support the shared technology protocols needed to integrate the other home automation devices, your selection of third-party product will be limited. Recently SimpliSafe is offering a video doorbell feature for $169 but it still lacks an outdoor camera offering.

   The executive of SimpliSafe stated that its approach provides greater certainty that everything works as a system.

    In the digital home security system choosing SimpliSafe over any other pre-installed service like Vivint or ADT will help you to avoid paying regular monthly fees. SimpliSafe is strictly available on a month by month basis. But the interactive plan of SimpliSafe which amounts to $24.99 a month plan is twice the monthly fee than DIY companies offering the same services. If you decide to do with their service, you will lose the remote app-based functions. And the equipment you purchase from SimpliSafe will become useless as it cannot be used with any other monitoring company.

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