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digital home security system
Digital Home Security System

2019 Globally recognised Digital Home Security System:

FrontpointFrontpoint is one of the leading players in the DIY home security segment. Frontpoint is also considered best for developing a solid DIY platform for home security. The security equipment of Frontpoint is very convenient and easy to install. The starter pack of Frontpoint is competitively priced at $130.97. 

Frontpoint Safe Home Everyday Package includes: 

  • one keypad and hub, 
  • three door/window sensors, 
  • two motion sensors, 
  • one-yard sign, 
  • one door sticker and a set of five window decals.

Frontpoint’s Safe Home Preferred package includes everything in the Safe Home Everyday package plus two extra door/window sensors, one glass-break sensor, one smoke/heat sensor and one indoor camera. 

The Safe Home Elite Package is the most expensive and comes with even more equipment, including an outdoor camera and a doorbell camera.  

VivintVivint Smart Home is a feature-rich, wireless digital home security system that is professionally installed. In the Smart home segment, Vivint is considered best for providing complete digital home security solution. The company offer an advanced home security solution by providing equipment that can be integrated with a large number of branded and third party home security devices.  

The Vivint Starter Kit includes:

  • One touch-screen Vivint Smart Hub, 
  • two doors/window sensors, 
  • one motion sensor, 
  • one water sensor 
AbodeAbode is a robust DIY digital home security solution that doesn’t require a monthly plan. The home security device of Abode is designed for easy installation and configuration and is tailored to suit your specific needs. Unlike other competitors, Abode outlined its blueprint with intended to be an open platform for a wide range of third-party home automation devices. Deliverance of quality service through the use of long-range sensors for reliable connectivity and the ability of its monitoring personnel to keep a 24/7 watch on your timeline and live video feeds makes it a professional-grade system. This access helps the monitoring team to figure out and verify the latest cause that has triggered the alarm and thereby expedite an appropriate response from authorities.

Abode’s small starter kit includes: 

  • One tabletop hub device called the Gateway, 
  • one door/window sensor, 
  • one indoor motion sensor 
  • one remote key fob. 

You can buy additional door/window sensors for $27 each and motion sensors for $54 each, or similar sensors that discreetly embed into a door or window frame for $40. The motion sensor detects movement in most rooms up to 35 feet and at a 110-degree field of view. All sensors use strong adhesive tape to install.

The Abode outdoor siren is not only the loudest of the ones we’ve researched at 107 decibels, but it comes with a strobe light that can help the police quickly locate your home.

SimplisafeSimplisafe is a competitively priced home security system which is easy to install and without a long term contract. In the home security segment, Simplisafe is best for its full-featured home security system and for its self-contained DIY alarm solution. The starter package of the company which is also called the foundation will cost you $229.  

SimpliSafe’s The Essentials package include: 

  • one base station, 
  • one keypad, 
  • three entry sensors 
  • one motion sensor. 

The base station, which has built-in cellular and Wi-Fi connections, pairs with all the sensors and communicates with the outside world. It also comes with a siren with an adjustable volume of up to 95 decibels. 

Link Interactive – Link Interactive offers a robust home security system with the option to expand into home automation for a low monthly fee and no required upfront costs or contracts. You can choose to pay upfront for your equipment or spread the cost over one to three years. The company offered completely DIY equipment which is entirely wireless and professionally monitored over a cellular connection. 

Link Interactive doesn’t have standard equipment packages. Rather, the company assist its customer in a step-by-step online process for choosing and customizing the equipment that best suits there requirement. A basic custom-built security system, including: 

  • three door/window sensors, 
  • a motion sensor, 
  • a key fob, 
  • a panel/hub 
  • yard signs/window decals 
ADTADT is the largest home security brand in the U.S. known for its biggest monitoring network with the most monthly subscribers. The 140 years old brand has renovated its design and technology time and again to develop a prototype of home security technologies that could ensure safety and security to the present home security system. Besides ADT’s advanced technology that currently covers the security of 8 million customers has established its presence as the most trusted home security brand with a foundation that aims to develop a better smart home solution. There is 12 interconnected monitoring centre of ADT and each of them is maintained by a large team of trained staff. Moreover, side by side of having more than 200 local offices, ADT also has a vast network of authorized dealers. The price of ADT’s home security product is unparalleled. They sell a wide range of smart home product from third-party manufacturers such as General Electric, DSC and Honeywell, rather than making their own gear.

A standard ADT system includes: 

  • a 7-inch touch-screen panel 
  • door/window sensor 
  • motion detector 
  • keychain remote 
  • indoor siren with smoke 
  • carbon monoxide and heat detectors 
  • indoor camera 
  • lamp module. 

But considering that ADT sources its equipment from multiple providers, that list is just the beginning of what’s possible. The list of products could include: 

  • a garage door sensor, 
  • glass-break sensors, 
  • carbon monoxide detectors, 
  • smoke sensors, 
  • water leak sensors, 
  • indoor and outdoor cameras, 
Brink – Brink Digital Home Security System a new entrant into the home security segment got its recognition in early 2018 when two alarm companies – Livewatch and Moni – started licensing the Brink Brand. In the digital home security segment, Brink is best known for its discounted product and well-established network of monitoring centres. And also has more than 1 million customers. The combined forces of Livewatch and Moni help Brink home security to established its network of robust monitoring service and state of the art technology among a large mass of people.

The Qolsys IQ touch-screen control panel from Brink is one of their advanced system which works effectively with the other home security devices. It is also the central hub for brink home security packages. The panel comes equipped with Wi-Fi capability, a cellular chip, battery backup, a built-in camera, Bluetooth and a radio device for connecting automation products, such as thermostats and door locks. The panel can be mounted on the wall or placed on a table.

The base Home Complete package from Brink mainly consist of three doors/window sensors and one motion detector.

The list of additional equipment includes:

  • Door/window sensor
  • Smoke detector
  • Glass-break sensor
  • Garage door sensors
  • Keychain remote
  • Indoor camera
  • Outdoor camera
  • Video doorbell
Protect America – Protect America doesn’t have any specific home security packages. Instead, all systems are tailored for the customer over the phone or on the website. However, you can start with one of three suggested packages and build from there: Basic (protects three doors and windows), Complete (protects nine doors and windows) and Complete + (protects 14 doors and windows). 
  • These packages all include 
  • a Simon XTi 5-inch touch-screen control panel, 
  • door/window sensors, 
  • a motion detector or glass-break detector, 
  • a yard sign, 
  • a keychain remote and four-door/window stickers. 

Add additional sensors or choose the more advanced, larger control panel – the IQ2 7-inch – and the monthly rate or upfront fee increases accordingly.

Some equipment needs to be purchased outright, such as indoor video cameras and a video doorbell. 

XfinityXfinity Digital home security system gives you the luxury of integrating your digital home security system with the internet and cable TV. Xfinity designed its product and networking system to channelize the overall connection into one. In this aspect, Xfinity is considered best for integration with home internet and cable TV. If you are looking for a home security solution that works as an integrated part of your home’s technology, then Comcast’s Xfinity is your go-to option. 

Xfinity’s standard starter kit includes: 

  • a touch-screen panel, 
  • three door/window sensors, 
  • a motion detector 
  • a wireless keypad. 

The touch-screen panel is the main hub of Xfinity for controlling the overall security system and comes with a backup cellular connection. 

You can also separately purchase home security devices from Xfinity and then installed it according to your requirement. The product includes.

  • Door/window sensor
  • Motion sensor
  • Indoor/outdoor camera
  • Zen Thermostat
  • Smoke detector
  • Outlet controller
  • Wireless keypad
Ring AlarmRing Alarm is popular in the home security segment for its video doorbell and cameras. Currently, Ring Alarm is owned by Amazon and made an entry level into the home security system. The highlighting aspect of Ring Alarm is its low-cost device and economical video-oriented security plan. The starter Kit of Ring will cost you $199. 

Ring Alarm Starter Kit includes: 

  • a keypad, a base station, 
  • motion detector, 
  • a contact sensor for doors and windows 
  • an extension device for ranging communications. 

The Alarm Range Extender helps to create more reliable communication by eliminating larger zones in homes where Wi-Fi are not stable. 


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  1. Thank you for this post. And I appreciate your blog. I have used two brand among these- Footprint and SimpliSafe. Both are leading brand in digital home security system market. I’m very happy with their services.


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