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How to protect your home security systems from being hacked?

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How to protect your home security systems from being hacked?

How to protect your digital home security system from being hacked?

Digital home security systems are generally installed with the intention of minimizing the risk of break-ins and to protect families from crime. However, if remain unaware of the fact that these systems can be hacked can make your safety questionable. The advancement of technologies has unfortunately given rise to certain adversities which makes it vulnerable if not updated with time. Most of the people are ignorant of the fact that these home security systems act as a double-edged sword. The effectiveness depends on your efficiency.

   Have you ever imagine coming back to a ransacked home while the security systems are still activated. To the worst, you never received any notification and perhaps wondering, what has happened? Now don’t be surprised as security systems can be hacked like a computer.

   According to an article published by Fobes DVRs and video surveillance systems are vulnerable to hacks. It is possible for hackers and smart intruders to gain access to your camera feeds by deactivating the system. To defend this attack all you have to do is take some preemptive measures.

Eleven Preemptive measures you can take to protect your digital home security system from getting hacked.


Secure your router with a strong password. This will help you to keep a safe network for a wireless home security system that uses Wi-Fi. Try not to use your phone numbers and birthday as your router password as this are common the chance of vulnerability increases.


The first thing that you needs to do is to change the default password with a combination of numbers that is intricating for the intruders. A 12 digit password or a lengthier than that is the best way to protect your home security systems. You should also change your password from time to time in order to drift away from the intruders guessing.

Antivirus Software

Installing antivirus software is one of the best ways of creating firewalls that can help you detect any threat of virus and malware.

Encrypted signals

When you are opting for wireless home security system make sure you select a system which has encrypted signals. A system with unsecured encryption is easily vulnerable to external sources. Additionally, you can also opt for a tamper resistance feature.

Secure Log-in

It is always better if you limit the number of the device for assessing home security system. Accessing your security device using multiple devices can make your digital home security system vulnerable.

Avoid using Public Wi-Fi

When assessing your digital home security systems use a remote location and a secure network instead of public Wi-Fi. The chances of risks are higher when using public Wi-Fi as the network is accessed by multiple users. And there is a chance for the hackers to access your personal information such as passwords and email IDs.

Camera Logs

Double check your camera log to detect any suspicious IP address in the system. This will help you to detect strangers as they tried to access your surveillance system from an unknown or unidentified IP address. If you find any suspicious action change your access codes and inform the authorities immediately. Avoid purchasing used camera as they may have a device implanted for hacking into the systems.


To detect the risk of signal jamming use an anti-jammer. This program will give you a secure connection and you can install it in any device like a Smartphone or computer that has access to your home security systems. The best part about it is that in the event of a signal failure it will alert you which will help you to stay protected.

Wired Security Systems are better for digital home security solution

It is seen that a wired security system is less vulnerable to hacking than a wireless security system. The wired security system is run by a stable connection. This is more firm and there is a minimum risk of hacking involved with it.

Update your System

You should update your systems from time to time to keep it safe. It is for the same reason that the companies update their programs to enhance performance and to counter new threats. Your system may become more prone to hacking if not updated at regular interval. Remember that simply installing a home security system is not enough for proper functioning and performance timely update is required.

Change your password at regular interval

It is best to change the password of your home security systems at regular interval. This helps to enhance security. The outdated password increases the chance of vulnerability of your home security systems.  

   The above measures play a significant role in protecting your digital home security system if followed carefully. In the digital home security system, nothing is flawless to give you full protection. Except for your concern for safety which can let you keep your systems updated with time to remain protected. Keeping the vulnerabilities of the home security system in mind this article is focused on the security measures that can protect you from the hackers. Provided it is your responsibility to update and check the systems for flaws and implement preventative measures as an when required.


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