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Review of Scout Alarm Home Security Solution.

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Scout Alarm Home Security System

Review of Scout Alarm Home Security System

Scout Alarm a new breed into the home security system is reinventing security in the age of wireless devices and mobile apps. The highlighting aspect of Scout is that it is considered the best app based home security system. The technological advancement made them create home security products that can be easily accessed by a mobile app. Dan Robert the chief executive and co-founder of Scout Alarm feels that it’s going to be the easiest way whether you want to arm and disarm the security system, self-monitor or accessing and controlling of security devices. As Scout follows a strict monthly subscription plan you will need Scout Always On plan starting at $9.99/month for remote access with the app. For availing professional monitoring and additional features you have to switch on with the Scout Always On+ plan which will cost you $19.99.

Best Price: The starter pack from Scout will cost you $299 and includes two access sensors, one motion detector, one door panel, a hub, and two key fobs.

Monthly Fees: To start or continue with Scout you always need to opt for their subscription plan. For self-monitoring, you can opt Scout Always On Plan which will cost you $9.99/month. Scout Always On+ Plan is designed for professional monitoring and will cost you $19.99/month.

Installation: With Scout, you will get the option of the DIY home security system. You will also get the required video tutorials for settings guidance.

Lock-in Plan: Scout doesn’t have any lock-in plan rather they follow a monthly monitoring plan.

Equipment Warranty: Scout provides three years warranty on all its security device from the date of purchase.

Return Policy: You can return any Scout security device within 30 days. But you can only return a part of your order such as extra motion detectors or sensors which you decide not to use.

Home Automation: Scout is more of a home security platform that is developed to integrate with other smart home devices rather than an all-inclusive standalone solution. Scout Alarm integrates well with Samsung SmartThing, Nest devices, Philips and Lifx lights. Scout can also be operated using Google Home and Amazon Echo. Z-wave and Zigbee are the two low powered radio shared communication protocols commonly used by Scout Alarm. It helps them to create a local network integrating devices from different providers. Through the third party protocols, Scout integrates with third-party devices using those standards. But using the Scout app and Dashboard you can’t access all the features. IFTTT scripts are loaded in the app of Scout from where you can choose the setup of the simple conditional statement.

Is Scout Alarm Home Security System the right choice?

In the Digital Home Security System Scout Alarm is an advanced option which will give you the comfort zone in choosing the right set of home security device. Scout helps you to choose the right gear by defining a set of a starter pack and guiding you through the checkout on its websites.

  Scout’s home security features include door panel unit for multiple functions. The entry sensor is used to swipe a radio frequency identification or RFID, key fob to disarm the system. It has also an option of an onboard siren. As people these days are more comfortable with the Smartphone operation Scout believes that the smartphone app will be used more than the key fob which will be there as a backup option. It is also felt that the key fob could be a better option than punching a code as you don’t have to remember a Pin code.

  Scout Alarm users need to have at least $9.99 a month to access text, email notification, and mobile applications. The Scout Always On+ Plan will give the option of professional monitoring, cell backup and cloud storage for 14 days of motion-triggered clips from one camera. Another $2.99/month will enable you to record clips of additional cameras in cloud storage and $9.99/month for an unlimited number of cameras. You need to set up the settings of the camera before you captured the clips and sent to the image. The negative aspect of Scout is that there is no local backup storage of media.

  The best part of the Scout Alarm is its integration with third-party devices such as Samsung, Nest, and Philips. But the performance of the Scout app may vary with the third party devices and you might not have access to all the features like changing the color of Hue lights and keeping a continuous track from Nest cameras.

  In the digital home security segment, Scout has not just pioneered the art of manufacturing Alarm but expand their horizon with new gadgets that could give you a complete home security solution.


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