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Review of Nest Secure Home Security System

Digital Home Security System
Nest Secure Home Security Devices

Review of Nest Secure Digital Home Security System

Nest Secure digital home security system is highly effective with its own range of Smart Home devices. It is considered best for its month-to-month, no contract monitoring. The starter pack of the Nest Secure will cost you $399. Nest Secure starter pack includes a tabletop controller/siren called Nest Guard, two window/sensors that can also be used as a motion detector and two RFID. Nest Secure designed its tabletop controller with a motion detector and keypad for entering codes. The price of the Nest Home Secure devices and sensors are comparatively high compared to other home security brands. But despite all that, if you are willing to self-monitor and can coup it up with low-cost monthly plans than Nest Secure will become affordable.

  The highlighting aspects of Nest Secure are that is designed and manufactured high-quality home security and home automation device. Nest Secure provides quality performance when integrated within its varied range of product. 

  The disadvantage of the Nest Secure is that its product is relatively expensive and can add up the cost quickly for big houses. Nest Secure does not provide professional monitoring for fire and CO detectors. It also doesn’t come with the option of a glass break sensor in its home security packages.


Base Price:

Now $399 is what you have to pay for availing the starter kit of the Nest Secure. And it comes with 2 window sensors that can be used as a motion detector, 2 radio frequency identification and a tabletop controller called Nest Guard. Nest offers its customers to add additional features like an outdoor camera, a video doorbell or smart door lock to the base kit for a price of $498, $548 and $633 respectively.


Monthly Fees:

Nest Secure offer self-monitoring facility at no cost. And you can access the mobile app of Nest for free for alerts, notification, and arming and disarming. For cellular backup, you have to pay $5/month and $50 a year. The professional monitoring is being done through Brink and is available for $19 a month. It also includes cellular backup. The professional monitoring comes with a three-year agreement.



Nest Secure designed its product to mainly facilitate the DIY user with its DIY installation option. It also provides professional installation through local professional installers.


Subscription Plan:

The subscription plan of Nest Secure is very flexible as you can opt out of the plan whenever you feel like unless you opt for the discounted monthly plan with Brink which requires a commitment of three years.


Equipment Warranty:

Nest Secure provides two-years warranty on all its product from the date of purchase.


Return Policy:

You can return Nest Secure product within 30 days of purchase provided the item must be new, unused and in sellable condition.


Home Automation:

Nest Secure works effectively with its own line of products such as door locks, camera, smoke alarms, and thermostat. It also integrates well with the Nest speciality products which include a garage door controller, outlets, dimmers, and lights. 

  However, it does not work with the low-power radio communications protocols like Z-Wave and Zigbee that is used to create a network for home automation devices. If you are looking for high-end home automation then Nest Secure may not be a suitable option as it lacks a better DIY option.

  Nest Secure manufacture door locks in collaboration with Yale lock. A key free deadbolt will cost you $249 which you can connect to the Nest app. This will allow you to lock and unlock your door from anywhere. It comes with a passcode instead of a key which enables you to share it with your trusted ones. The setback of Nest & Yale lock is that you cannot directly connect it to a WI-Fi. Instead, you have to connect it via Nest’s communication protocol to communicate to your other device via the internet in your phone. 

  The Nest Secure integrates well with the Nest Learning Thermostat and is widely seen as the company’s primer product. It is costly and available for a price of $249. Although it also has a cheaper variant i.e. Nest Thermostat E model which is available for $169.

   Overall Nest Secure is the best option if you want security monitoring option within economical range or at free of cost. In the digital home security solution, Nest product is highly flexible as they integrate well with both the home security system and home automation.


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