Samsung Reveals New Line of Smart Home Devices

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3 new Samsung SmartThings products in The Digital Home Security Solution

The technology giant Samsung, known for everything from smartphones to appliances, recently announced some fairly affordable new additions to its SmartThings home automation accessory line: a security camera, a power outlet and light bulbs. 


SmartThings Cam

The Samsung SmartThings camera sells for $89.99. According to Samsung, it has intelligent motion detection that can differentiate between people, objects and pets so that users experience less false alarms. It has a wide-angle view of 145 degrees, so it will cover an area larger than many of its competitors. You can even set up activity zones to tell the camera to pay more attention to specific areas. Other features include night vision, bi-directional audio and 1080 HD video quality. Compare it with other superior cameras by visiting our Best Home Security Cameras page.


SmartThings WiFi Smart Plug

Next, the SmartThings WiFi Smart Plug allows you to control a standard “dumb” device (that is, one that is not connected to Wi-Fi) using your smartphone, voice control or smart home centre. It is compatible with Bixby, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Priced at $ 17.99, it is more affordable than other smart plugs, and since it supports more voice control features and does not require a hub, it should also be easier to use. If it turns out to be as good as it seems, you will likely see it added on our Best Smart Plugs page in the future.


SmartThings Smart bulb

Finally, the new SmartThings Smart Bulb ($ 9.99 each) represents another affordable option to turn your home into a smart home, one accessory at a time. Control through the smartphone application, voice control (Bixby, Google Assistant or Alexa) or a SmartThings centre. In terms of daily convenience, saving public services and home security, light bulbs could be one of our favourite smart appliances.


Advantages of Samsung SmartThings in Digital Home Security Solution

Until now, the SmartThings hub has been one of our favourite Samsung smart accessories. It is one of the best and most robust smart home hubs for connecting smart devices through brands, thanks to its Zigbee, Z-wave and Wi-Fi support.

But even though the new devices are called SmartThings, you don’t need the SmartThings centre to use them all. Of the new items, the smart bulb is the only one that requires a centre, which is good news for anyone looking to consciously add some key smart accessories to their living spaces without putting together a too complicated system. Either way, if you use the SmartThings centre, you will have more advanced options to program your smart home accessories. 

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