Outrun The Intruder With The All New Blink XT2 Security Camera

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Blink security camera

Introducing the wireless, affordable Blink XT2 security camera

Google revealed the new Nest Hub Max at its annual developer conference this week, but Amazon will not let its competitor dominate the headlines of smart home security. Amazon has just announced the Blink XT2, an affordable and low maintenance security camera as the new entrant in the digital home security solution.

The Blink XT2 is an update to the Blink XT, a wireless camera that runs on batteries with competitive features, such as a low price, good battery life and easy installation. The Blink XT2 retains those qualities and adds some more features.

Key features & specification of Amazon’s Blink XT2

  • Start at $89.99 on Amazon with discount packages available
  • Requires a flicker sync module to work. Buy both the XT2 and the sync module for $99.99.
  • Two-year battery with two lithium batteries of double A
  • Recording options activated by movement or live view: record constantly or only when activity is detected
  • Completely cable free for easy installation
  • Two-way audio, which allows you to talk to visitors through the Blink application on your smartphone or tablet
  • Store images in the cloud at no monthly charge
  • Work with Amazon Alexa
  • Weatherproof IP65 rating for   use (dust and waterproof, but not submersible)
  • Available for pre-order now; Shipment begins on May 22.

Is Blink a good choice for your home security needs?

Based on the features mentioned above, the Blink XT2 and the system that comes with it can be a solid option for buyers who make their home security decisions based on the affordability, ease of installation and self-control preference of their cameras. Your Alexa integration would also attract the owners of Amazon Echo; You can watch the live broadcast of the camera through Echo Spot, Echo Show or Fire TV.

In addition to the XT2, Blink offers indoor-only cameras, which are available for $ 54.99 each. You can create a Blink system that integrates multiple cameras using a synchronization module.

If you are looking for a home security system with 24/7 professional monitoring, then Blink is not enough. While Blink’s cameras can extend their eyes and ears, there is no option for someone else to care for him or respond to emergencies when he is not available. For this type of “always active” service, you should observe the home security systems that are monitored. The main suppliers include ADT, Vivint, Frontpoint and SimpliSafe. 


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