Make Your Summer Safe with This Home Security Essentials

digital home security system

With summer cookouts and parties to prepare for and long, light evenings to enjoy, it’s the time of year to pay attention to your home’s outdoor space. 

After all, you won’t be the only one doing so. Summer is prime time for burglars. It is the season of open windows, open doors and garages, and long absences for vacations. 

Outdoor security is your home’s first line of defence—so how will you set up your digital home security system? Will it deter intruders at first glance, or invite them to take a second look? 

Let’s take a look at the outdoor security essentials that will safeguard your home and your peace of mind all summer long, letting you make the most of the warm weather, worry-free.   


1: Smart Security Camera 

Essential for: Knowing what’s happening outside. 

Installing a smart security camera will let you know if there’s activity outside. It can also tell you whether it’s an animal, person or vehicle, and whether or not they’re on your property. Customize your video alerts to see everything you want to know about—without the everyday activity that doesn’t matter. 

In addition to sending you live and recorded images of your outdoor space, these cameras also send a clear message to visitors: I have a smart digital security system for the home. That’s enough to keep most thieves away.

2: Smart Lighting 

Essential for: Keeping visitors visible. 

Shadowy characters rarely like to be in the spotlight—and this goes double for burglars. Automated outdoor lighting, triggered by image sensors or smart security cameras, ensures that intruders have nowhere to hide after dark. 

Going on vacation? It’s easy to set up a smart lighting schedule so that the smart home automation turns your lights on every evening, giving passers-by the impression that you’re home. 

3: Contact Sensors 

Essential for: Security and child safety 

The installation of a wireless contact sensor on the door and windows can alert your monitoring service of a theft, remind you to stay locked up all night or let you know that your children are exploring the outdoors on their own.

When school is over, contact sensors become essential outdoor protection for parents and provide a new way to control your pool door, your garden door, the tool shed, the child’s freezer garage or other dangerous areas that you want to keep out of reach of curious children.

4: Doorbell Camera 

Essential for: Protecting your porch 

With plenty of package thieves and dishonest visitors out there, installing a doorbell camera is the best form of deterrence for your front porch. With motion-triggered video alerts, a live video feed and two-way voice, you can see and speak to visitors from anywhere, whether they ring the bell or not. 

5: Smart Garage Door Opener 

Essential for: Protecting outdoor equipment and tools 

Summer brings long evening bike rides, road trips, and plenty of outdoor DIY—all of which means plenty of opportunities to leave your garage door wide open. Incorporating a garage door controller into your digital home security system will help you to keep your garage and home safe from intruders. 


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