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Digital Home Security Solution

Why Vivint?

In the digital home security solution, Vivint is considered best for its affordable monitoring and high-end equipment. It is the only major player in the market that provides you with the option of contract-free security option. Some of its highlighting aspects are that it supports a lot of smart home device integration, a flexible payment option for equipment, affordable entry-level plan, and mobile access for all plans. The only things that laid it back from being a more suitable option are its high upfront cost and have longer contracts than most.

How much will it cost you?

Professional monitoring

Vivint offers its digital home security solution at a price range between $29.99 and $49.99 per month. The monitoring plan is par with the rest of the security industry and at $29.99 plan Vivint offers a lot more facilities in its base range. Vivint base plan enables you to access your security system via a Smartphone in its base plan compared to which most of the company in the home security market offer it in their expensive plans.

Flexible payment option for equipment

The Flexplay program of Vivint through offers you to pay the upfront cost in instalment which is pretty uncommon in the security industry. This means that you have to pay it every month and drastically it will increase your overall upfront cost but dramatically it will cut down on your current cost.

The main downside of Flexpay is that to avail the option of monthly payment you have to get into a contract. But the only difference that keeps Vivint ahead is that it offers a choice to the customer for choosing the number of years in the contract.

Installation Fees

USD $99 is charged for professional installation which is nominal compared to other companies. If you compare Vivint’s professional cost with the DIY installation companies like Frontpoint, Vivint cost much lesser than the cost of Frontpoint.

What are its features?

Home Automation

When you are looking for a company that provides both home security and automation feature, considering Vivint is a smart choice. It facilitates the user to integrate both the smart home with the digital home security solution to provide a high home security solution. It gives you the option of living a smarter and safer life that makes you step towards a more advanced living solution.

Smartphone Access

You can access Vivint digital home security solution via Smartphone no matter which plans you choose because every plan is entitled to give you the benefit of Smartphone access. The mobile access let you operate your digital home security system and home automation system via Wi-Fi. It lets you monitor and control most of the security devices and cloud storage facilities. But other than the basic package feature if you want more features and cloud storage facilities you have to opt for higher packages.

High-end Equipment

In terms of quality, Vivint made its mark felt on the customer because it designs its own product. From designing to technological interface Vivint develops its product carefully which give an edge over the other security companies.

Security Components

The number of features and the digital home security device increases with the expensive plan. But if we consider the basic plan it contains CO alarm, Smoke detector, security camera, motion sensor, door/window sensors and that’s what you will get for $29.99 plan.


The installation of the security device is done by Vivint professionals. It’s recommended that if you can go for the professional installation than opt for it cause there is a pro to help you out with where this device can give an effective result.


Sleek and aesthetic design make its security device much more convenient. It makes their product look sleek and simple and looks nicer than the security device offered by most companies.


A lifetime warranty of Vivint is enough to back the quality of its home security and automation device. Provided its warranty is limited to the extent of your continuation of the monitoring plan. If you avail a premium plan you will get free service calls. And without the monitoring plans the warranties will be available for 120 days.

What about Customer Service?


You will get 24/7 customer assistance. Their customer service team also offers you with the option of live chat which is also available for 24/7. In terms of response and action, Vivint is quite ahead of others in the security device industry.

Contract and cancellation policies

The terms of the contract are formulated in such a way that you will be in for a 42-60 month contract with a strict cancellation policy. Vivint also offers some of its digital home security product without a contract which is rare in for such a big company.

Despite certain loopholes, Vivint with its wide range of security device and innovative features enhanced the digital home security market with an option you will only find with Vivint that pledges to provide you with the best digital home security solution.


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