Make Your Driveway Safe with the Wireless Driveway Alarm

Wireless Driveway Alarm

Digital Home Security System
Overview Of Wireless Alarm

The Concept of Wireless Driveway Alarm in The Digital Home Security Solution

Have you ever considered installing a security alarm in your driveway? Ignoring the fact can let an intruder set foot through your driveway. So having an effective driveway alarm system is highly recommended. These alarm system as a part of the digital home security solution are designed to detect unusual movement by animals, individual or vehicles on your property. This can include your garages, side entrances, lawns and backyards. These systems are designed to transmit signals of around 300 feet through walls and up to 1000 feet in an open area. Drive alarms can be a vital security component in the digital home security solution. You can also upgrade your home automation segment with home automation feature. It includes automated lighting control, energy efficiency, home control and for its other useful usage.


Wireless and Wired System

A driveway alarm is available both in hard-wired and wireless packages. Rubber Hose sensors and infrared sensors are generally sold as wireless units. While the Magnetic probes are equally available in both wirelesses and in the hard-wired system. The wireless driveway alarm is the best choice over a hard-wired alarm system. It is easy to install can be integrated well with the home security system. Infrared wireless driveway unit is the most commonly used alarm system used for home security purposes.  


How does it work?

In the digital home security solution, a driveway alarm system has two components, a sensor and a receiver. The sensor is used to discern vehicles or peoples on the driveway. And the receiver is the device which alerts you to this detection. The wireless driveway system is the latest upgrade that you can have for your driveway system. It has three components which include the sensor, receiver and a transmitter. The transmitter can send the wireless alert signal to the receiver.

   A wireless driveway alarm can easily be integrated with a burglar alarm. It alerts you and the monitoring personnel at the same time after it detects an intruder. If you integrate such a driveway with a security camera then it may also trigger the security system. Driveway alarm has found great application in commercial usage. It includes motion sensor street lamps, outdoor lighting systems and motion sensor lanterns.


Types of Sensors used in Wireless Driveway Alarm System

There are three kinds of sensors used in the driveway alarm system:

  • Infrared Motion Sensors: These alarms are designed to detect the movements of the people, vehicles and animals. The infrared sense their heat and motion. However, these alarms are prone to false alarms from animals.


  • Magnetic Probes: These type of sensors uses a magnetic coil to detect the electromagnetic waves and to detect the motion of vehicles. These are the ideal device if you want to avoid the motions of animals and people. The best part about this alarm system is that you can place them anywhere. It doesn’t matter whether you bury it underground or place them at the ground level it is highly effective.


  • Rubber Air Hose: These type of sensors are basically designed to detect the weight of the vehicle. The same method is used to detect an intruder. When someone put pressure on top of the hose, air propels the hose triggering an alarm.


Advantages of Wireless Driveway Alarm in the Digital Home Security Solution

Wireless Driveway Alarm is quite beneficial in certain aspect:

  • With driveway alarm, you can cover larger areas or longer distances at an economical range.
  • The wireless driveway alarm is typically easy to install.
  • You will get all types of sensors available in a wireless configuration.
  • You can use this effective device in both home security and home automation segment.
  • The position of the receivers and the sensors can be easily altered. 


How to select a Wireless Driveway Alarm as a part of Digital Home Security Solution?

Before opting the right wireless driveway alarm there are various variables that are needed to be taken into consideration. Here a few simple steps that you could follow:

  • First of all, you will need to determine the minimum transmission range. The estimation will be done between the indoor receiver and the sensor on your driveway.
  • Then decide on what kind of movement do you want your system to detect. Whether it is animals, people or both.
  • Decide on whether you will integrate with a home security system or use it as a home automation device.
  • Try to remove any hindrance like trees and fences from your driveway. This poses an obstruction on the path between your transmitter and the receiver.
  • Make an estimation of the area that you like to cover by the security system. This will help you in calculating the number of sensors required.
  • Determine what kind of measures will you undertake to water-proof your equipment.


Driveway Alarm Accessories

Driveway alarm generally comes with a few features that alert you whenever there is a security breach. It includes chimes and alarm. However wireless driveway alarm is customizable that allows you to add accessories.

Sirens – These devices are ideal for you in deterring intruders as they produce very loud sounds. They could be used in big areas such as factories, warehouses and workshops.  

Strobe Lights – Strobe lights acts as an emergency light which you can install and configure. So that they flash when something is detected.


   Other than this there are lots of alarm accessories available that can be used to customize your driveway security system. And most of them are within economical range. Adding any of these accessories can make your security system effective. It also enables you to safely protect your property.  


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