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Digital Home Security System

Best Google compatible Digital Home Security Devices

In the digital home security solution the top five home security devices that work with Google Home in 2019 are:


Vivint is considered to be the best choice in the digital home security solution in 2019 for advanced security performance. Vivint offers a lot of features that are compatible with the digital home security solution and home automation devices. All of their smart home solution packages are 100% wireless and the cost is comparatively higher but they are well worth the price. Additionally, they provide outstanding 24/7 customer service.

      The advantages of the Vivint are that they provide 100% wireless professional installation. It is compatible with Google Home. The other features include remote access via mobile app, lifetime warranty, energy management feature, customizable security equipment, a doorbell camera, and cosmetically appealing equipment.

      Despite being the best in the digital home security solution it laid back for its higher monthly monitoring plans, professional installation and long term contract.


ADT with 140 years of experience is one of the most experienced company in the home security solution. Their presence for a long time and deliverance of quality product made them a trusted player in the home security segment. ADT provides the customer with the facility of same day and free installation. They offer both hardwired and wireless devices that are compatible with Google Home. It also provides you with the option of a six-month money-back guarantee. The other features include voice recognition, 24/7 customer service, home automation, environmental disaster protection, and remote functioning medical devices.  

    The equipment plans of ADT range from $37-$53 per month. However, they also have premium plans where you get lots of facilities and can be said value for money. ADT also gives the user the choice of customizing their own plans.


Brink is the best choice in the home security segment for its affordability. Currently, they merged with Livewatch and Moni which make them definitely the best in the home security segment. Most of their plans are simple and extremely reasonable with no upfront cost and charges only for their subscription. It offers you the option of Smartphone Controls, 24/7 professional monitoring, geofencing, crash and smash protection, two-year warranty. Brinks security device is compatible with Google Homes. It also provides the option of Cloud video storage and lives video streaming in its selected plans. The only disadvantages are long term contract and professional installation.

   The monthly subscription plan of Brink starts at $29 and the video plan starts at $39 per month. Brinks long contract of 36 months is rate lock agreement and does not have the chance of increases for quite a while. Moreover, Brinks provides a lot of features in its basic plans which have kept it ahead in terms of affordability.


Scout is relatively a newcomer to the industry and known for its convenient design of its products and plans. Scout produced a high-quality product that is not only well designed but also within the affordable range. Additionally, you don’t have to pay for the installation charges as it provides you with the DIY option and also does not require any activation fees. Scout offers the option of 24/7 professional monitoring, low monthly rates, custom alerts, DIY installation, and cosmetically appealing design. It is compatible with Google Home and other smart home devices.

     There are four different packages of Scout that range from $299 to $799. Apart from using Google Home, the Scout devices are also compatible with Amazon Alexa. However, Scout isn’t as user-friendly as some because you have to use their app for control. Moreover, their limited range of products, upfront equipment cost and no professional limitations are its biggest setback in the home security segment.


Nest gives you the option of switching for ample customization option. With Nest, you can expand your home security option and can easily customize with its home automation devices. Even if not the best Nest product is virtually seamless. The home automation feature of Nest gives an extra edge and efficiency to its home security product. Nest home security product is easy to install and use. It is compatible with Google Home. It can be controlled by a mobile app and gives the option of both self-monitoring and professional monitoring.

     If it wouldn’t have a high upfront cost and add on subscription cost that surge quickly it could have been the best option in the home security segment. Nest monthly monitoring plan starts at $19.99/month. Brink does professional monitoring for the Nest digital home security solution. Nest product is free for self and professional customization. It is a good option for customization and expansion of home security solution.

    Choosing a digital home security system can seem intimidating, mainly when you are looking to find the best option in the home security segment. But as each of the product are unique and have some specific qualities it is a better option to choose the one that matches your requirement. Digital home security solution, in general, is a huge segment but if you dig in you will always get something that can make your life convenient. Google compatible home security device is brought in the limelight with the intention of giving you the best option that is capable of delivering quality service and is worth value for money.


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