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Instaling digital home security system requires a multivariate approach to stay safe from intruders. Different steps can be difficult to track. Therefore it is best to combine long-term and short-term habits to create a safe home environment. 

While you are likely interested in improving the safety of your home in a general sense, it can be difficult to know exactly what next step to take. Below, we have compiled a guide about some nighttime habits that you can incorporate into your routine to make sure your home is safe before going to bed.

Door Lock and Security

The first and most obvious step in a home security night routine is to close all doors. Remember to check the rear doors, side doors and garage doors to make sure they are all safe. It is a good idea to also ensure that all applicable doors have bolts, which makes it difficult for intruders to enter with simple methods.

After closing your doors, you should also make sure to keep your keys with the best security practices. Do not leave them near dog doors that would allow someone to slide their hand and grab them to enter. You may also consider keeping your car keys in Faraday cases to prevent car thieves from intercepting the electronic signal and gaining access to your car (also known as relay attacks) while sleeping up without realizing it.

If you have a digital home security system installed, make sure it is enabled every night so that all door sensors are ready to activate alarms in case they cross.

Consider Smart Locks

To take your key and lock security one step further, you might consider installing smart locks as part of the digital home security system. These can only be unlocked through an electronic code, which makes stealing even more difficult. If you have them installed, then this step in your routine should include making sure that they are properly configured with your access codes. However, it is not a bad idea to leave a traditional lock on at least one of its doors; This protects against possible problems of smart locks.

Collect Packages

Mail and uncollected packages may invite thefts that are interested in the contents of the packages or view uncollected mail as a sign that you are not at home, which increases the attractiveness of your home for a robbery. Before spending the night, make sure all packages are safe inside the house (or have a neighbour do it for you if you are out of town).

Don’t neglect the windows

Speaking of windows, you should also make sure to block these alternative entrances to your home every night. Make sure your screens are unturned and in good condition. If you have a digital home security system, it is a good idea to include window sensors that activate your alarm if they are compromised.

Consider Visibility

Another important element to consider regarding windows is the visibility of valuables. You should keep everything that can keep a thief’s eye away from the sightlines of the windows. One way to do this efficiently is to have blackout curtains or blinds that close every night. You should also consider using bushes to block external views in your home through your windows.

Home Safe

In addition to keeping your valuables out of sight, you can take more precautions to keep them in, particularly safe places. Some recommend taking them with you to your room so they are close to you. Another option is to use a home safe. Generally, you can only use it for sensitive items such as passports or computer backups. But you could also use it to store your laptops, tablets, jewellery, etc. every night. This step is quite extreme, but if someone has access to your home, your valuables will remain behind the lock and key.

Strategic outdoor lighting

Every night, turn on the exterior lighting that allows you to easily recognize any intruder who approaches your home. This serves as a deterrent to make your home the first objective.

You can also use an automatic light timer throughout the week so that the lights turn on and off periodically so that intruders who watch your home cannot discern a pattern of when someone is at home, outside, awake or asleep.

Keep security cameras visible

To close the list, you can consider a couple of more long-term options that will work solidly in conjunction with your nighttime routine. If you decide to install a security camera, try to place it in a visible place. This allows anyone who is considering meddling in your home to see that it is protected by the camera and digital home security system and, therefore,won’t think of peeping in. You may also consider placing a Dog Care sign in the front and in the backyard to serve as a similar deterrent.

Home security is a constantly developing field, especially as new technological advances continue to change the game. To increase the sense of security in your residence, start by incorporating some of the above practices into a nighttime routine.


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