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Implication of fire extinguisher in the home security solution

The Concept of Fire Extinguisher in The Digital Home Security Solution

In the digital home security solution, a fire extinguisher is an active fire resistant device used to obliterate or control small fires, often in emergency situations. It is not designed for use in an out-of-control fire, such as one that has reached the ceiling, endangers the user (ie, there is no escape route, smoke, the danger of explosion, etc.) or requires experience from an expert fire brigade. Normally, a fire extinguisher consists of a cylindrical hand pressure vessel that contains an agent that can be discharged to extinguish a fire. There are also fire extinguishers manufactured with non-cylindrical pressure vessels, but they are less common.

Types of Fire Extinguisher

Each fire extinguisher is different, and not all fight the same types of fires. There are two popular types of fire extinguishers: multipurpose fire extinguisher and dry chemical fire extinguisher. Multiple-use fire extinguishers often fight class A, B and C fires. The second most popular type the dry chemical fire extinguisher only fights class B and C fires. Here is a quick guide to understanding what the different class of fires mean before buying a fire extinguisher.

  • A Grade – Involve fuels such as wood, trash or paper
  • B Grade – Spread by liquid fires through oil, gas or other flammable liquids
  • C Grade – Propagation by electricity or electrical equipment.
  • D Grade – Metals that are flammable, including magnesium, titanium or aluminium.
  • K Grade – Fires that come from oils and fats for cooking

Factors to consider before buying a fire extinguisher

  1. Distance

Most fire extinguishers are released 12-18 feet from the fire. Consider the size of your space and the extent of the fire in your home. For larger houses, it is best to have several fire extinguishers around the house.

2. Rechargeable

Fire extinguishers are designed to be used only once. Today’s fire extinguishers can be recharged with the extinguishing agent by a professional. If your device is not rechargeable, do not use it again after the first use, even if you accidentally used it during installation.

3. Size and weight

Note that the weight is the amount of extinguishing agent inside the extinguisher. Most home fire extinguishers weigh five pounds and are fairly easy to use. They fit easily inside the house and are easy to mount on a wall.

Fire extinguisher safety tips

  • Use it carefully – The National Fire Prevention Association recommends using the PASS method (Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep) when using a fire extinguisher for your safety. Pull the pin. Aim low towards the bottom of the fire. Press the lever slowly, and sweep the fire extinguisher from left to right.
  • Place them near an exit – The NFPA also suggests keeping fire extinguishers near the exit of your home or business. When using the fire extinguisher, walk back to the exit for a quick and clear exit.
  • Check the pressure – Always know the pressure of your extinguisher. All fire extinguishers have a pressure gauge that clearly indicates whether the pressure is too high or too low to safely fight the fire.
  • Keep clean – Although most fire extinguishers are resistant to corrosion, keep them free of dust or dirt.
  • Read the manual – Understand the instructions and label of your fire extinguisher. Each extinguisher is different. Check your extinguisher regularly to make sure they are free of damage and have the correct pressure.
  • Know when to go – Maintain an escape plan in case of fire. If the fire is spreading, leave immediately and call 911. 


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