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digital home security system

The rapid and revolutionary advancement in technology has increased the demand for the digital home security solution product in our daily life. The advent of the smart home lock system let to the advancement of the door locking technology which makes the digital home security system much more effective. The smart lock is mainly an electronic and mechanical locking device which doesn’t required a traditionally key and work wirelessly with an authorized authentication of the user. The smart locks allow the homeowner to enter their home by using a Smartphone which work as a integrated device in locking and unlocking the smart locks. A key fob is also used as a wireless device to verify and to mechanically unlock the door. In the digital home security solution, IoT plays an integral role in integrating the smart locks with the home automation system. The smart lock is mainly operated through mobile apps developed by the manufacturing company of the locks and is accessed through a virtual key whose access is granted by the third party to the user. The virtual key can be sent by an email or a text message which allows a guest or service personnel to enable an access. The virtual key has an encryption that allows access to the smart lock for a preset period of time. Moreover the smart lock features a camera that takes a picture when someone accesses the lock and records the same in its photo log which can be easily accessible later for any future reference. Some of the authentication methods that are used for accessing the door locks include pin codes, security tokens and biometrics. Smart locks which are accessed through pin codes use numerical number with a combination between four to twelve digits, while the security tokens are used as a proximity card for accessing the smart lock. And the bio-metric lock offers a powerful unique identification that uses a person unique physical characteristic like eye scan, fingerprint, and hand geometry for the door access. Some of the smart door lock system has multi access solution where if one forgets the pin code then there is a secondary option available like bio-metric or token system through which the home owner can easily access to unlock the door. The smart locks has not only developed over time but also the integration features like alarm and other security device of the digital home security solution make the smart door lock much more effective in keeping you and your place safe and secure.

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