IoT an Integrated Revolution that Redefines the Digital Home Security Solution

digital home security solution

The IoT (Internet of Thing) is an integrated technology that first came out in 2016 revolutionized the digital home security solution. IoT played a significant role in the digital home security market by integrating the different security devices through a single interface which can be used by the owner or the user for controlling their locks, lights, sensors, cameras and other security devices through smart phone. The advent of IoT also drives the desire to have a smart home among the people across the world. The innovative technology has surged the growth of smart cities with 90% of the consumer opting it for high end security and one touch solution.

Smart door locks have surged in popularity as with innovative technology one can easily access their digital home security system with a pin, fob keys or bio-metrics via a Smartphone and one doesn’t need to roam with a physical key. With the rise of these technologies the horizon of possibilities for new ideas keeps expanding the digital home security market. One of the most exciting advancement during the initial year of IoT was Eyelock technology an iris based authentication system. Side by side other innovative technologies like digital keys for accessing home security, smart monitoring system through security cameras and other integrated security devices gives digital home security solution the vision for the future protection of the digital home. The dramatic increase in Smartphone users also helps in expanding the digital home security market as the Smartphone were used as a monitoring device for the digital home security devices. Features like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi were used to monitor and access the security devices as this devices are wireless so they could be easily connected by internet. Moreover Google and Amazon both designed an app for monitoring the security devices and they also provide cloud storage for keeping track of the video clipping. Some of the objectives for designing IoT are:

  1. IoT is developed mainly to control digital home security and home automation appliances through mobile applications to make it user friendly and to give a one step solution to the user.
  2. As a part of digital home security system IoT provide security updates to the user through its real time video streaming from the security camera installed in the home of the user.
  3. The advent of IoT secure the connection channel between the security device and the application used through Smartphone and gives an optimum level of security to the user.
  4. One of the biggest positives of the IoT is that it can be used to controlled any device which is Wi-Fi enabled and this factor has drive the market of the digital home security market.
  5. IoT is an extensible platform with possibilities of adding feature for future enhancement which expands the market of the digital home security product with new features to keep people up-to-date with the latest security system.

IoT shapes the digital home security market with advanced features that makes peoples life convenient. It provide the user with cloud storage to keep track of the necessary clippings but most of the company that offers smart home system has very low security and are vulnerable to hacking. But despite all this IoT will continue to play a significant role in the digital home security segment and continue to provide with upgraded innovative technologies that will advanced the future market for the digital home security system.


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