Installing a Security Camera and Home Security System Can Armour Your Home from Package Theft

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Online purchases have reached a historic high, thanks, in part, to companies like Amazon that have revolutionized the operation of online shopping. Amazon Prime and similar services promise to bring your items to your doorstep in just two days. For many people with busy schedules, it is worth paying a premium for buying and receiving items without having to spend time going to the store. There has never been an easier time to find a product, no matter how specific or distant, and leave it at the door of your house without even having to leave the house. However, with the good comes the bad, and with an increase in the number of orders for products, there has been a rise in package theft.
In 2016 The Huffington Post reports that about 23 million owners had filled a missing report to the police that their packages have been stolen from their doorstep. Experts expect this number to increase along with the popularity of online shopping. Some people even make a career of package theft. In a Baltimore case, the police picked up two package thieves with more than 75 stolen packages. YouTube is full of video clips that show thieves stealing packages, and thieves are also caught. In most cases, they do not even know what they are stealing. They simply take what they find and expect something good, discarding what they do not want or find invaluable.
How security cameras and the digital home security system work to protect you
The theft of packages is clearly a big problem, but what can you do to protect yourself? Police and security experts agree that the chances of being targeted can be greatly reduced by taking simple steps. Instructing your delivery person to leave packages in an area that hides the package is a low-cost option. But it’s not perfect yet since the package is left exposed and unwatched. One solution that can be beneficial for your online shopping is to install a security camera on the threshold or at the entrance door or in the delivery area of ​​the package. The new Scout 1080p HD security camera is an excellent choice when considering this line of defence. The camera allows you to control your front door with your smartphone, even when you are not at home, and can send alerts and record clips of any movement detected. In some cases, security cameras dissuade people from targeting your house in the first place and other times, they capture images that can be useful to catch the thief.
Investing in a residential digital home security system can protect your home from more than just criminal activity. For example, the Scout home security system offers you to integrates it with different smart DIY security devices that can protect your home from theft and notify you in case of fire, carbon monoxide or flood problems. Having a digital home security system makes it easy to consider the security of your home from A to Z.


Online retailers are becoming proactive against package thieves
Beyond a digital home security system for the home, some online retailers like Amazon are leading the charge against the package thieves. But this comes at a cost. The Amazon Key service, for example, aims to deter thieves by adding a security keypad on your doorstep. The delivery person then uses a one-time code to unlock the main door and place the package inside, safe from package thieves. Since this security pad keeps track of when the code is used all at once, you know who was in your house and if something goes wrong. While it is an admirable and progressive idea, still it may not make you feel comfortable granting them access to your home, even if it is your known, delivery people.
While Amazon Key sounds like the perfect solution, there are some drawbacks. For example, it does not help for packages that are delivered by other services such as UPS, USPS and FedEx. Similarly, you must have the keyboard installed on your door, which requires a special installation. Finally, Amazon does not yet offer this service in all cities. Unless you live in a specific area, Amazon Key is not even an option to protect against package thieves.


Give yourself some peace of mind
Theft of packages from the door of your house is more than an inconvenience. It is an invasion of privacy that can make you feel vulnerable and violated. Investing in a digital home security system may be the best way to protect your packages without breaking the bank to do so. The peace of mind that you can control your home will give you the boost to step out of your home with ease when leaving is extremely important. Having the option to monitor your front door from your smartphone at any time is a service that can protect you much more than deter thieves from bundling. Imagine being able to see who rings the doorbell without having to open the door. A security camera is always a good investment, no matter whether you do a lot of online shopping or not.
The new Scout 1080p HD indoor security camera is a perfect choice since it can be easily placed in a discreet place that controls the entrances of your home. If you already have Nest Cameras in your indoor or outdoor, Scout seamlessly integrates with Nest’s complete suite of products, giving you more variety and customization options to meet your security needs. At the end of the day, installing a digital home security system with a camera that protects your home against theft of packages could easily become the best investment you have made before you actually needed it. 


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