Abode a Self-Reliant Approach to the DIY Home Security Users

Review of Abode Home Security Solution

digital home security solution
Abode DIY Home Security System

Review Of Abode Home Security System

In the digital home security system Abode is a renowned brand known best for its DIY security system. Abode is a robust DIY home security solution that doesn’t require a monthly plan. The home security device of Abode is designed for easy installation and configuration and is tailored to suit your specific needs. Unlike other competitors, Abode outlined its blueprint with intended to be an open platform for a wide range of third-party home automation devices. Deliverance of quality service through the use of long-range sensors for reliable connectivity and the ability of its monitoring personnel to keep a 24/7 watch on your timeline and live video feeds makes it a professional-grade system. This access helps the monitoring team to figure out and verify the latest cause that has triggered the alarm and thereby expedite an appropriate response from authorities. Abode mainly deals with the DIY installed digital home security system and has tie-ups with several companies as a partner to expand a nationwide network of installers.

  • It has a flexible plan for professional monitoring which facilitates the user to access it for a short period of 3- and 7-days.
  • It is designed with a hub to store data for backups and quicker interaction.
  • It comes with a wide array of equipment including strobe light with an outdoor siren.
  • The home security devices of Abode are slightly more expensive than competing home security solutions.
  • Despite being the best brand for overall DIY solution Abode doesn’t have its own video doorbell or outdoor camera.
  • The keypad of Abode may cost you some extra bucks as the standard package of $79 has the facility of using the key fob.
Best Price:

Abode digital home security system essential starter kit will cost you around $279 and that also if you bundle it with other free basic plans. The kit includes one Mini door/window sensors, one gateway hub device, one key fob, and one motion sensor.

Monthly Fees:

Abode’s monthly monitoring plan will cost you $30 a month and it includes 90 days of media storage. If you pay the upfront cost of Abode’s home security device for a year it will cost you $240. For cell backup,  $10 a month connect plan with 14 days of media storage and timeline, and email and phone support. But with Abode’s free basic plan you can avoid fees of cellular backup by self-monitoring.


For professional monitoring or cellular backup service, you may have to pay for an activation fee. But as Abode’s digital home security system focuses mainly on providing a DIY product so there are no charges for installation.

Lock-In Subscription Plan:

Abode does not have any lock-in subscription plan.

Equipment Warranty: Abode provides one year warranty on all its home security product.

Return Policy:

Abode provides a full refund on their home security product if returned within 14 days of purchase.

Home Automation:

The smart home system designed by Abode is built to integrate effectively with the home automation devices. It is compatible with devices from brand such as First Alert, Ecobee, Linear, First Alert, Philips Hue, and NEST. Moreover, it is also compatible with the device featuring Z-wave, and Zigbee and this makes Abode a favourable option in the digital home security devices. The gateway can also be integrated using Amazon Echo and Google Home. 

   Abode works well with door locks from Kwikset and Schlage. You can also set up the system for arming and disarming your door locks. Abode also integrates well with the thermostat from Nest or Echobee. Among the third-party products, these are the only two thermostat brands that are well-integrated with Abode.

Is Abode the right choice in the digital home security solution?

If you are thinking of installing and customizing your home security solution then Abode is the best available choice in the market. It is not only considered best for overall DIY security solution but also intend to serve as an open platform for a wide range of third-party home automation devices. The starter pack of Abode which starts at $79 can be customized and you can add additional home security features in the form of extensive integration with third-party devices. 

   For people who are looking for home automation devices within economical range, Abode is the best option as it offers self-monitoring option at no-cost. You will also get three days of recorded clips and burst shot from motion sensor camera at free of cost. If you like to add cellular backup you can subscribe to the $10/month plan. This plan will facilitate you to record 14 days of media storage and timeline record as well as phone and email support. If you like to avail professional monitoring then upgrade your plan for $30 a month or pay $240 a year paid upfront cost. Switching on to the professional monitoring will give you facilities to record timeline and media storage up to 90 days for up to six cameras. Abode’s notification features and alarm system are highly configurable.

    On the home automation segment, it acts more as a platform which facilitates the customer to customize their limited range of home automation device with third-party devices. For providing best integration you can use Abode with a large number of third-party contractors. Over the years Abode not only become self-reliant but also helps you in having trust to look forward to it as the one-step digital home security solution.   

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