How to Make Your Security Camera Bug Free

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If you have installed security cameras outside your home, you might wonder why spiders love to make cobwebs through the lenses of the cameras. The truth is that spiders do not love their cameras, they are attracted by the infrared light emitted by their camera. This can be a real problem even for homeowners with a digital home security system because spider webs not only obstruct visibility but also cause false alerts, especially for motion-activated security cameras.

So what can you do to prevent spider webs, insects and other flies from affecting your outdoor security cameras? Below we discussed some of the tips that may help you to keep your security camera bug and insect free:  

  1. Apply lubricants to the outer shell of your camera. Cover the body and surrounding area of ​​your chamber with a lubricant such as Teflon, silicone or petroleum jelly spray. This will make the camera too slippery for spiders to spin. Just be sure to cover the lens with a paper towel before applying a thin layer of lubricant.
  1. Place a dryer sheet in the chamber. Use an elastic band to attach a dryer blade to the outside of your chamber. The strong smell will keep insects away.
  1. Turn off the LED lights. Insects are attracted to LED lighting around the lens of their camera. If your camera allows it, turn it off.
  1. Pass a flea collar around your camera. It is known that flea collars keep spiders and other insects away. Consider placing one around your camera.
  1. Spray insect repellent around the camera lenses. To keep insects away from your outdoor surveillance camera, use insect repellent or insecticide around the camera’s protective case. Use this guide for help selecting the correct repellent.
  1. Clean the camera every once in a week. Though it’s best if you can regularly clean the exterior of the camera, housing, cabinets, cover or protector with a soft bristle brush to eliminate errors and existing networks.
  1. Use a fan to avoid sidebands. Consider investing in a low-priced computer fan to keep spiders and other insects away. A fan will prevent spiders from accumulating spider webs around their lenses and also keep insects away.

The tips in this publication are not fail-safe solutions. You may have to repeat them several times to see results. But don’t overdo it. Consider pets and young children when spraying pesticides and make sure your cameras have a protective case before applying chemicals and lubricants. 


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