How to Make a Significant Investment in the Digital Home Security System

digital home security system
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Figuring out the pricing of a digital home security solution product is confusing and difficult despite the transparency in the home security market. Even when each brand names its price with offers and discounts it makes you wonder at the bigger picture as the exactness in your mind is looking for something definite. What is this really going to cost me? So let’s break down this cost to analyze the important aspect that needs to be considered for digital home security system.
The cost of Equipment

The upfront charges bulk up the cost of the equipment of the digital home security system. The price may vary drastically depending on the digital home security system you choose. Some companies offer special promotional offer like discount while others offer free to purchase on availing security device of a certain amount. It may sound like a great deal but remember free is almost never free as there will always some kind of hidden charges. Check out the terms and condition and the policy before purchasing the home security product and try going through the fine print imprinted on the product tag. Also, notice the extra charges and fee that are applicable and go for additional purchase only if you need the product otherwise your discount may turn out to be dear.

Fees for Activation

The activation fee is a one-time charge that you need to pay for activating your digital home security solution. These are generally hidden charges about which it happens that many of us are unaware about so it’s better before you purchase any product of home security solution ask and check whether there are any charges involves for such product. The activation fees range from $0 and$199 approx as it varies from company to company.

Fees for Installation

The installation charges are mainly applicable to those products that offer installation of the digital home security system by professionals. For the installation of a high-end security system, it is always better to opt for professionals as their expertise give you the best result you can expect from a digital home security solution. But you can also skip this cost by the installation of a DIY system. We have assembled a list of the DIY product offer by some of the best brands:

  • Simplisafe
  • Nest Secure
  • Frontpoint
  • Abode
  • Protect America
  • Link Interactive
  • Scout
The costs of Monitoring

The monthly charges of the home security system depending on whether you opt for professional monitoring and subscription or DIY system. For the professional monitoring home security system, there will be a 24/7 monitoring facility by external monitoring personnel, which may cost you around $42.99/month. The extra cost of $15/month will be needed to be paid to monitor your security camera. And additional charges include $2 per smoke detector and $6 per carbon detector for monitoring by security personnel. So before signing up for subscription go through the policy to know your exact cost for security monitoring.

Like most business model the home security companies’ tries to display the lowest possible price to makes their product looks attractive to the customer. But in the long run, they end up being the beneficiary with additional charges and attractive discount offers on a subscription that makes you fall for it. So for your benefit, we advise you to opt for those digital home security products that provide you with good functionality, the number of the security device and a cutting edge technology that play an X-factor in your digital home security solution.


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