How To Detour An Alarm Sensor

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Over the years the alarm systems have continued to evolve as a part of a digital home security system. It plays a very positive role for owners as well as manufacturers because not only do these modern wonders do more than ever, they are also easier and more intuitive to use. And while the digital home security system platform has expanded to include smart home video, interactive monitoring, and even home automation features, there are still some basic functions of the alarm system that must be remembered, as it will help you tackle daily situations.

With all the new and advanced features and functions, there are still some basics of how alarm systems work that people ask on a regular basis. One of these functions is to arm your system with one of the “bypassed” sensors, usually a door or a window.

Bypass a sensor – what it means

Let’s say you want to use your alarm system, but you have a door or window (or more) that you want to leave open, and still arm the rest of the system. There are numerous reasons why you may want to do this, such as the following examples:

You want to keep a specific window open during the night, while your system is armed.

You want to skip a certain motion sensor so that a person (or large pet) can move through an area without creating an alarm event. Small pets should be ignored by today’s technology.

While performing repairs or renovations in your home, a sensor can be moved temporarily, and you still want to use your system to protect the rest of the house.


How to bypass a sensor in most home alarm systems

This day’s most recognized alarm manufacturers follow similar conventions for which bypassing a sensor to reduce the incidence of false alarms gets very easy. And you’ll find that the alarm companies with the best reputation are the same companies, which is not surprising, that they provide the most intuitive wireless alarm equipment in the home security industry. One of the advantages of having an elementary user interface is the ease with which you can perform basic functions in a short time, and undo them later, just as easily.


Check your user manual first

Any user manual of the alarm system that is worthwhile will include the instructions to omit a sensor, and usually only requires pressing a button. Or, given the proliferation of easier-to-use touchscreen alarm control panels, there may be no real buttons involved. 


When in doubt, contact Customer Service

Of course, if you are not absolutely sure that you have followed the correct steps, you can always call the customer service department of your alarm company. I do not suggest this course of action lightly, knowing how interesting a call is that it can be for some of the newcomers to domestic security who now offer alarm services. But if you are working with an accredited alarm company that has a strong reputation for taking excellent and efficient care of your clients in a timely and efficient manner (and good reviews to prove it), you should be in good hands. And if you are not satisfied, you may want to think about a change for the better when the opportunity arises. After all … your time is valuable. And, what could be more important, than your peace of mind?


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