How to choose a best PIN for Digital Home Security Solution?

Digital home security system
The digital numeric or what we called more as a PIN plays a significant role in the digital home security solution. The influence of this digit depends upon how you construct it. While a strong code of four or six digit code is always believed as a strong wall of defence but there is no guarantee that it cannot be cracked. So to keep you protected here is some do’s and don’ts that will help you to keep safe.
  • Every home security device comes with a default password which should be replaced with a new password of your own. The change should be done as soon as possible to avoid the danger of infiltration of the security system.
  • The level of vulnerability of the security system increases when you use the usual pin or the same pin for a different security device. It is best to use a different pattern of the password which will not only strengthen your security but also difficult for others to guess.
  • The effectiveness of your digital home security system depends upon the pattern of your password. Avoid choosing PIN with numbers that are common like 2468, 1234 and 2222. This type of patterns are very easy to crack down and the vulnerable to your security system. Also, avoid pin with a physical pattern like 2580. Use a strong and sensible password that is easy to remember for you but will be intricate for others to guess.
  • One of the common mistakes that everybody made more or less is they use phone number or address as their password. Phone number like 867-5309 or 5309 will only weaken your security system because a choice of smart password is equivalent to an efficient digital security system.
  • A criminal who is very close to you or your family can easily crack down the digital home security system if you set a password with your birth date. Try not to use any anniversary date when you are creating a secure password.
  • Some time to make it simple we create a password with reference to any or a significant year. But this can increase the chance of vulnerabilities as guessing of criminal or intruders can play a spoilsport on your simplicity.
  • The best way to select a pin for digital home security solution is choosing something between 2– 9. The 1 is very common in use so it’s better to avoid 1.
  • You can intricate your password by spacing your number. Instead of using a number that is adjacent to each other choose digit that is distant from each other.
  • The digital home security solution has the option of corresponding letters. So instead of using numbers, you can also use the alphabet to make a smart password.
Extra Security Tips for PIN

For extra security change or alter your pin from time to time. Be careful of prowlers when you are operating the control panel as sometimes they use binocular to overlook your activities. And be sure to clear your fingerprints of the control panel otherwise you are paving a way for intruders to breach your digital home security system.

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