How Smartphone Can Be a Vital Tool in Your Home Security

digital home security system

The digital home security system has gone through many transitional phases and with each innovation a new smart home has evolved. The concept which earlier started basically for home security can now be integrated with home automation features and can be controlled via smartphone. 

To keep up with the newest technologies and services, you don’t have to rely on a security agency as the integrated smart home offers DIY home security features which can be accessed and controlled by a smartphone. The integration of the digital home security system with a smartphone has not only opened up new possibilities but also make a comprehensive smart home solution which is more than a set of security cameras and an audible alarm. 

Here are some ways your smartphone can be a vital part of your smart home strategy:

  • With the security camera and door and window sensor being integrated to your digital home security system, you can keep a close track of the entrance door, the windows and any other entry point in your home via a smartphone. 
  • Installing garage door sensors can help in controlling your garage doors via smartphone as it will automatically open as your car approaches.
  • Home automation components like smart lighting, carbon monoxide detector, water sprinkler sensor, can also be accessed and controlled via a smartphone.
  • The smartphone integration gives the option to deactivate alarms remotely if you have someone visiting your home.
  • Multiple exterior and interior cameras allow you to monitor your property. With your smartphone, you can access the video source at any time you wish to make a timely verification.
  • It excludes the use of a control panel as the smartphone itself has become the control panel for your digital home security system. Not only you can control all the smart home features but can also keep a constant track of its recording. 
  • The smartphone integration also paves the way for the DIY home security option. The inception of this feature not only makes the digital home security system comprehensive but also cost-effective.  
  • Alarm monitoring and alerts keep you up to date of any possible danger. 

The Bottom Line

So no matter from which angle you evaluate it, the advantage of integrating a smartphone with the home security system are endless. In the new era of the smart home, the smartphone is the control panel which not only helps you keep track of your home security system but also provides constant upgrades which have proven to be effective to defend against the current rate of crimes and burglary in the city. From being comprehensive to cost-effective along with DIY features the smartphone plays a significant role in the digital home security system.  


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