How Outdoor Lighting Can Improve Home Security

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Outdoor lighting can be an effective way of improving your digital home security solution. A well-lit home can help discourage potential intruders, minimize hiding places and increase your overall sense of security. Besides, it helps the outdoor security camera and the doorbell camera to work more effectively in detecting intruders.

However, you don’t want to light your home too much. Too much lighting can put your home at risk because it attracts unwanted attention and allows intruders to see your valuables.

To prevent your home from becoming a potential target for criminals, we will be going to discuss some of how you can improve your home security with adequate exterior lighting.

Choose your lights

The outdoor lighting equipment varies in size, functionality and capacity. Before buying lights, research to determine which ones are right for your home and will be compatible with the digital home security solution. Some options include:

  • Floodlights
  • Lampposts
  • Mounted luminaires
  • Landscape luminaire lights
  • Passing lights

Consider the lights that allow smart or motion sensor capabilities. Smart lights allow you to control settings remotely through a smartphone, laptop or tablet; or preset times to turn the lights on or off during specific times. Benefits also include reduced energy costs and instant notifications on your smartphone if motion is detected.

Place lights strategically

After you have decided on your outdoor lighting equipment, strategically place lights around your home. Some areas to consider:

  • Above the doors, entrances or exits.
  • Along walkways and entrances.
  • Backyard meeting areas such as patios and terraces.
  • Near landscaping like trees and bushes.
  • If you have questions or concerns about the location, work with your security provider to discuss your unique outdoor lighting needs.

Keep the lights maintained

The right equipment in the correct locations is only effective if the lights are working properly. That is why proper maintenance should be done every once in a while. Also, Be aware of the life of your bulbs and replace them before they burn. And, if the bulbs break, replace them immediately. 

The Concluding Line

Outdoor lighting these days are considered as a part of the digital home security solution but as it has been said earlier that its effectivity depends upon its installation. Hire an expert if you have a problem with the planning of outdoor lighting. And check the best digital home security solution before installing the outdoor lighting.  


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