How is Home Automation different from Digital Home Security Solution?

digital home security solution

When we talk about a smart home system the first thing that perhaps came to most of our mind is a digital home security system. Well the correlation though justified itself to some extent but Smart home system holds a broader perspective to define its purpose in building a smart home. So before you start to build your smart home let’s go through a detailed analysis as how smart home system is different from digital home security system and how each of them individually helps to build a Smart home.

When you are interested in the modern home technology that facilitates you’re living with one touch home automation system that will control climate, appliances, lighting and entertainment system it’s a Smart home system. The home automation system may also include digital home security system but its typical features will give you the feeling of difference. The smart home system are accessed through internet connection and controlled by a central hub or gateway. The user interface for the control of the smart home system is either operated through a wall mounted terminals, computer, tablet, mobile phone application or a website interface.

The benefits of installing the home automation system are:

  1. It facilitates smart lighting system i.e. a smart network is incorporated that is channelized with various lighting connection and connected to a central computing interface from where it is controlled.
  2. It features smart heating, ventilation and air conditioning system that enables the user to control the room temperature and the technology is designed also to save the electric or solar energy on which it is operating.
  3. The home automation has a smart air quality feature that monitor the air quality of the house and is programmed to detect and remove bad and foul air with fresh air as and when required.
  4. It also features smart appliances control and integration features for which you can connect it to your home appliances to run it on an alternate energy to save your electricity.

Apart from this basic feature with the expansion of your smart home technologies will give some additional features that are enlisted below:

  • Carbon Monoxide Detector or Smoke Detector: This system is designed to detect and stop the spreading of smoke of the fire break out to the overall house by circulating fresh air.
  • Sprinkler Controller: This system is designed to control the green space by taking the soil moisture and weather condition into account and stops from unnecessarily crop up or irrigating of green space.
  • Water Leak Sensors: Overflowing of water, leaking faucets or failing water heater can silently dent your pocket with thousands of dollar to repair this damage. But with a water leak sensors you can easily tackle this situation as the sensors will automatically trace the water leaking area and stops it with an automatic valve. It also sends alert to the user for taking necessary action.
  • Automated Window Shades: These shades can be used to darken the room for home theater or movie and can also be used to obstruct the sunlight during the day time from heating up so that your air condition can work overtime.
  • In wall Fan Controller: Some the latest home automation technology has come up with feature that can be used to switch ceiling fan by using Google Assistant Voice Command or Alexa. This system is very cost efficient and to access.


The best smart home solution is in getting the better of both the home automation and the digital home security system. The digital home security solution can be more effective if the user can integrate it with the home automation system as the amalgamation of the two gives better home solution to the user. The security device like camera and sensors can work more effectively if they are integrated well with the home automation device. Moreover the IoT (Internet of Thing) has make the accessibility of the smart home devices a lot easier as both the home automation and the digital home security can be accessed using the Smartphone application. The DIY system has also make the smart home market more convenient and flexible with its self installation and customization option. What matters most in the smart home segment is how you like to upgrade your home as both home automation and digital home security has different implication and usage and the best results can only come with how you will customize your requirement.

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