How Can You Improve Your Digital Home Security System

digital home security solution

Everyone wants to feel safe and secure in the home, but the digital home security system can seem complicated for new homeowners and apartment residents. To help you prepare for a move to secure your current home, we will be going to discuss some of the most frequently asked questions about home security.

How important are outdoor sirens?

In the digital home security system outdoor sirens plays a crucial role in detecting intruders. Now you can make it even more effective with all Ring security cameras to ward off intruders. If a Ring user responds to a ringtone alert on their phone, for example, and sees an unknown person on their property, they have the ability to talk to them through the camera and even activate the siren to scare them and move them away from the property.

Sirens are important because they can alert both owners and neighbours to theft, whether it happens while you are asleep or out of the house. It also allows the thief to know that both you and your neighbours are aware of your presence and that the police are likely on your way. No matter how your home is structured installing Ring outdoor siren will ensure you to have a safe home environment. 

What are the best places for installing indoor cameras in your home?

The best place for installing indoor security cameras depends on many factors like the inner structure of the home and the hideouts. Below we pointed out some of the places that you can try out for catching the intruder red-handed.

  • The front and rear doors are the most likely entry point for thieves, so be sure to have indoor cameras pointed in that direction. If any of these cameras detect movement when there is no one at home, you can receive a notification on your mobile device along with a snapshot or video clip. You can then call the police if necessary.
  • Windows are the other potential entry method for thieves: place cameras to cover windows that are not easily visible from the street.
  • Garage doors: if you park vehicles there or if they drive inside the house.

Visible interior cameras can also serve as an effective deterrent. But there is a risk that a thief will attempt to destroy or steal your camera before retiring. Good camera hiding places are inside empty sections of bookstores, shelves or any other place where the camera can be easily mixed. Even if a thief manages to escape, it is very likely that at least one of his cameras is strategically located to capture some identification feature that the police can use.

Should window decals and a yard sign need to be displayed?

Signs in the yard are a great deterrent for passing cars or people to see.

Window decals, on the other hand, are excellent for when a person is near the house. You should have a decal near the front door as a reminder that security cameras are recording. You must place one in the garage window to inform potential intruders that it is not a good idea to enter.

Having garden signs and window decals is more beneficial than not having them since you are less likely to experience an intruder’s intrusion into your home. 

What is the benefit of a professionally monitored home security system to the self-monitored home security system?

Life is unpredictable and the thefts, gas leaks, fires and medical emergencies do not care if you can dial the emergency. It is for this place where the UL certified monitoring station comes into effect. In case of situations where you can not reach your phone or tablet in time or are not at home to handle the situation, these systems call the list of emergency contacts in the specified order and the necessary authorities so that you can avoid losses and damages.

Having a security system that is monitored 24 hours a day does not mean that you should not have implemented security measures and emergency evacuation plans, it simply means that you are not alone when the unthinkable happens. 


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