Glass Break Sensor – ‘An Effective deterrent of Window Break-ins’

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Have you ever gaze at a window and think of its significance? While it may give you a bittersweet vista of the reality to bridge your living with the home environment but you should also be aware of its problems. Yeas one of the major problems that you may face with your home or apartment window could be break-ins. It doesn’t matter whether you reside in an urban or rural area as people across the world has reported a large number of cases where the window is the gateway for break-ins. Then the installation of digital home security system has brought down this crime rate by an inch but what could be better than to think of the glass break sensor as the possible solution.    

So today we will be discussing about the glass break sensor and how it could be an effective solution for break-ins and the digital home security system.  

Glass Break Sensor

A glass break sensor, also known as a glass break detector, is a type of electronic burglar alarm. Either by sound or by a broken circuit, it detects when the glass breaks, i.e when a window breaks. This automatically triggers an alert, such as sounding an audible alarm or notifying authorities.

Glass break sensors are usually not independent but are generally included as part of a comprehensive digital home security system. A complete digital home security system can include door sensors, window sensors, glass break sensors and motion sensors.

Working of a Glass Break Sensor 

The microphone of a glass break sensor is connected to the detector circuits, which reacts to a certain type of sound. These detectors can be configured to recognize a sound frequency that is typical of glass breakage or can be programmed to recognize a specific sound profile that is similar to that breaking sound.

Depending on the design of your property, it is possible to cover all the windows of a room with a single device. It just depends on how far the microphone radius is and how far apart the windows are.

Installation and Set up of a Glass Break Sensor 

Microphone positioning is important, and the entire setup process is usually done by a professional glass break sensors also work with batteries, so they should be checked regularly to make sure they are still on.

Placing of the Microphone 

In most configurations, the microphone does not need to be oriented towards the glass surface that is at risk. In any room with windows that you want to monitor, it is usually enough to have the microphone installed on the ceiling or wall.

Certain rooms may have a higher risk of breaking windows. These are some of the most commonly monitored windows:

  • Sliding glass doors
  • Display windows
  • Bedroom windows
  • Bathroom windows
  • Basement windows

If there is no closed door to the basement of your house, a thief is more likely to point to one of those windows.

Things to watch out 

If you are using a glass break sensor that detects broken glass with a microphone, you can disassemble it at certain times:

  • These microphones are often so sensitive that they could be activated by the sound of crystals that break when a movie is played.
  • Similarly, loud music can sometimes contain sounds that can fool the microphone of a glass break sensor, activating the alarm at an unwanted moment.
  • If you are working in that area of ​​your home, some of the tools used could produce high frequencies that can activate less advanced detection systems.
  • If you need to disassemble the system at any time, it is important to remember to reassemble it when things return to normal. Otherwise, you will have an expensive piece of technology sitting without doing anything.

The security of your property is important, and window thefts can allow unwanted access. Now that you understand how glass break sensors work, you should think about installing one as it works more effectively with the digital home security system


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