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Review of Frontpoint Home Security System

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Frontpoint Home Security Devices

Review of Frontpoint Digital Home Security System

Frontpoint is one of the leading players in the DIY home security segment. Frontpoint digital home security system is also considered best for developing a solid DIY platform for home security. The security equipment of Frontpoint is very convenient and easy to install. The starter pack of Frontpoint is competitively priced at $130.97. It includes a motion sensor, two door/window sensors and one hub and keypad. The gear which is designed by is well made but lacks innovation. The highlighting aspects of Frontpoint are that it is arguably more reliable than other competitors because it is entirely monitored by a cellular signal rather than a combination of cell and Wi-Fi. The quality of equipment and monitoring of Frontpoint is same as other companies which offer professional or DIY installations. The DIY user of the Frontpoint gets some facility same as the pro users. The lock-in plan of Frontpoint is expensive and inflexible as its a three-year monitoring plan. The plans cost range between $44.99 and $49.99/month. It is comparatively higher than most DIY solutions.

Base Price:

The starter kit of Frontpoint will cost you $130.97. For that, you will get one hub and keypad, one motion sensors and two doors/window sensors.

Monthly Fees:

Frontpoint basic protection plan will cost you $34.99/month. To access more features you have to switch on to the interactive plan that will cost you $49.99/month. At $49.99 you can also access the Frontpoint Ultimate plan which enables you to add video features.


Frontpoint is limited to only DIY installations. It does not have a network of professional installers.

Lock-in Plan:

The lock-in subscription plan of Frontpoint is for three years.

Equipment Warranty:

Frontpoint cover all its security equipment warranty for three years.

Return Policy:

You will get 30 days full refund on each and every product of Frontpoint.

Home Automation:

Compared to its competitors Frontpoint is more of a home security platform that aided third party users to create a complete digital home security system. Though the working of the add-on device depends upon the compatibility with its user. One advantage of using a Frontpoint device with the third-party user is that after fulfilling your contract with Frontpoint you can switch to another monitoring services.

  One thing that may surprise you about Fronypoint is that it supports well with Z-Wave, the low power radio communication protocols but it does not support with Zigbee a protocol similar to Z-Wave. Another downside of Frontpoint is that it is not very convenient with accessing the features of home automation. It does not support web-based automation scripting that allows you to create a sequence of events such as turning on light on the motion is detected. And least of all it does not support with Nest equipment.

  Schlage BE468 door lock is sold by Frontpoint for $159.99. The door lock is compatible with other security devices and includes a touch screen keypad. It is available in silver, bronze, and black.


Is Frontpoint the best Home Security Solution?

Frontpoint offers the DIY alarm users the facility of opting for wireless equipment that pro-installers use. It offers an attractive price on home security equipment sourced by Brink Home security,, and many local independent users.

  When it comes to DIY home security system Frontpoint outlined the art of customization to project the concept as a simplified form of self-monitoring. If you have a DIY mentality about things in general and is looking for an online solution to home security system than Frontpoint is your best option.

  Frontpoint will help you to put the security setup on your own and let you bypass the professional installation. But it is advised that some of the Frontpoints equipment requires wiring and basic mounting skills. After you have the idea of how the basic installations worked the system become an easy access option for home automation. Frontpoint offers home security equipment from other security brands while providing technical support. This will help you to save money on reliable equipment. Although Frontpoint’s interactive plan of $44.99 will cost you the same as the full-service plan of Vivint or ADT. Moreover, in the digital home security solution competing for a brand like Abode, Simplisafe and Ring cost approximately $30, $25 and $10 a month respectively. But despite all this Frontpoint is the best option in the digital home security solution because it gives you the platform to customize your own digital home security system.    

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