Four Failures of the Digital Home Security System that you should avoid

digital home security system
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You bought a new house and want to protect it. The problem is that you are a complete beginner in the home security market and do not want to make a mistake when choosing the wrong setting for your residence. Here are four “failures” of the digital home security system that should be avoided when searching for a new intelligent home security system.
  • You are locked in a multi-year contract

You can not believe your eyes. A large security company has a TV commercial with their favourite HGTV stars, in which they promise a home security system for $0 upfront. Sure, the monthly rate is higher than you want, but you’re getting a free residential security system, right? Think again.

It is true that these offers “do not lose money” to look attractive at first. The company will even send professional installers to configure the system in their home. However, this convenience has a cost: a long-term contract that will take years to pay off.

The typical traditional alarm contract is 36 months, although the terms can range between 24 and 60 months. The shorter the contract, the higher the monthly rate, which ranges from $36.99-68.99/month. Once you’ve signed the contract, you’re stuck. The cancellation of a residential security contract can be extremely difficult and expensive, and termination fees can be close to 75% of the remaining contract.

  • The power is out and there is no support

The average wired alarm system depends completely on the electrical power of your home. If a thief can cut off the power of your home, your alarm system could be disconnected, depending on what you use to connect to the monitoring centre. Even if the alarm has a backup, you will want to make sure that accessory devices such as the keyboard or control panel are backed up, so that if the alarm sounds during a power failure, you can mute the siren!

When it comes to smart home protection, redundancy is the name of the game. You want a system with multiple backup copies to prevent the system from shutting down when it is most needed. Things like protection against bumps and breaks, battery backup and cellular backup keep your digital home security system connected so your perimeter is armed against theft. Knowing that your system is designed to stay connected helps you to sleep better at night.

  • Obsolete technology cannot adapt

Has this happened to you? You buy a smartphone or a laptop, and before you know it, it’s too old for the latest software. You have to update your device just to keep up with the changing technology. With the increase of the smart home, security systems can become obsolete as fast as a smartphone. If the security sensors in your home are wired or built into a proprietary wireless protocol, you will have trouble integrating with the newer devices and devices.

You’ll want to look for a wireless digital home security system that is based on the Zigbee or Z-Wave wireless standards. These communication styles are common between smart home technology and can incorporate new devices or integrate sensors from an external manufacturer. It is also important to find a digital home security system that is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can use voice control to arm and disarm your digital home security system, as well as home automation. So that you can securely arm your devices automatically.

  • You can not have a human on the phone

Telephone support has become frustrating for customers in all industries, as businesses have moved from hotlines to endless ring tones or voice-activated menus. Then, when you finally select the option you need, it will be on hold for half the night.

When it comes to home security, accessible telephone assistance is a must. Every minute that your alarm system experiences a malfunction is another minute in which it is not protected. When evaluating security offers for the home, be alert to quick response time and knowledgeable technical support. While these factors are not usually publicized, you can get a good idea of ​​these statistics by reading customer reviews or even by calling the company helplines.


A better way

How do you avoid being cheated? Go with a digital home security system that was designed in response to your day to day needs. Scout Alarm was founded in 2013 because we wanted to create an alternative to the main alarm companies so you can protect your home without regrets. Unlike traditional alarm companies, our monitoring plans are from month to month, without contracts. There are options for automatic monitoring and professional monitoring available, according to your surveillance needs.

The Scout Alarm Hub includes a backup battery for power outages and a 4G LTE cellular backup to make sure your system is online, even when your Internet is not. Do you have an Amazon Alexa? Good news, Scout Alarm is an Amazon Smart Home skill, which means you can arm and disarm your system with voice commands and integrate Scout sensors into your Alexa routines. 


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