Factors that needed to be considered before buying a Smart Door Lock

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The door locks is the first line of defense of your home so to protect your home from possible danger there are certain things that needs to be kept in mind before choosing the best smart lock. It’s always a good idea to add a smart lock that is convenient and could give maximum security but getting yourself familiar with the smart door lock technology gives a ample choice for selection. Installation of smart door lock advanced your lifestyle with digital home security that keeps you and your valuables safe from intruders and burglary. So before switching on from your current deadbolt to the smart door lock let’s take a look at some important factors:

  1. Grading Standard for door lock security – To evaluate the quality, performance and durability of the smart door lock their set industry standards by which like American National Standards Institute/Builders Hardware Manufacturers Institute. Their grading gives a quality assurance to the consumer about the product.
  2. The scale of grading for smart door lock system – The BHMA/ANSI used three different types of grading to label the product from best to inferior and this is been done after conducting regular testing on the operational function of the product. The grade 1 is certifying to the highest level of the smart lock which are used for the residential purpose. The grade 2 is given to the product with intermediate performance and grade 3 is awarded to the product with inferior quality.
  3. The types of Connectivity – The smart door locks use different connectivity like RFID, Z-Wave to connect it to user interface but sometimes the connectivity varies depends on the option incorporated by the different manufacturing companies. Some of the door lock security system uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to lock and unlock the smart door lock system by use of a key fob or card for entry. The other type of connectivity includes Bluetooth and Z-Wave technology.
  4. Smart home Compatibility – The smart door lock that you are purchasing should be compatible with the other security devices so that it makes the integration effective. Though the high graded quality product synced well with the other device but as not all the product bear the same feature so the compatibility matters. Moreover it should also integrate well with the Smartphone app so that the accessibility becomes easier for the user.
  5. Door Access – Each of the brands in the smart door lock segment offers different accessibility like some brands provide the option of Keypad Physical Key, while the others provide the option of Voice Virtual Keys Apps and then there are options available like Keypad Physical Key App, Touch eKey Fob Physical Key and Keypad. People heading for this product should have a clear idea of its nature of accessibility so that it doesn’t get critically confusing.

The digital home security solution has always come up with new technologies to give you the best solution to counter the modern threats of smart cities i.e. burglary, break-in and breeches. And we also shape up this article to give you a in depth view of the digital home security product analysis so that you can make a smarter choice to upgrade your lifestyle with the latest digital home security solution.


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