End The Drip & Spurt with The Best Water Leak Sensors of 2019

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In our search for the best water leak sensors for the digital home security solution, we look at traditional and smart sensors. Each has its own set of advantages: traditional sensors activate an audible alarm, while intelligent sensors connect to your home Wi-Fi network and send you text alerts in case of problems. Check out our reviews given below for the best three water detector:

Honeywell Lyric Wi-Fi leak and freeze detector: the best in general

The Honeywell Lyric extends gracefully between the smart and simple line. You can connect it to your Wi-Fi and it will send you a message directly if it detects any problem. If you are at home when the Lyric detects a problem, it is difficult to ignore its alarm. At 100 dB, it is not only the strongest alarm in the digital home security solution but also serves a comprehensive purpose.

Some reviewers report that they have problems setting up more than one unit. According to the Honeywell user manual, you must connect each unit to your Wi-Fi individually, so it may take a little longer.

If the letter detects significant changes in humidity, temperature or water levels, you will know as soon as you do. This is our favourite leak detector of 2019 because it is smart, but not enough to fool you.


  • No hub required to connect to Wi-Fi
  • Multiple alert options
  • Extra sensor cable included
  • DIY installation
  • Humidity and temperature detection.


  • Mediocre customer service
  • Complicated configuration for multiple units

Zircon Leakage Alert Water Leak Detector: Budget Selection

Because of its size and simplicity, Zircon Leak Alert is a powerful device in the digital home security solution. Application-controlled devices have their place in modern homes, but it is difficult to overcome the ease of Zircon. Setting up is as easy as adding batteries and placing it under your sink, washing machine or toilet. It is also sensitive. According to the reviews, it is sensitive enough for a wet paper towel to activate it. The best part is that it comes in multiple packages for less than $ 50.


  • Ultra-simple configuration
  • 5 sensors in each package
  • Super sensitive sensors
  • Powerful alarm


  • No smart home compatibility
  • No humidity or water temperature detection

LeakSMART water leak detection kit: the best for emergencies

The price of the complete LeakSMART kit is high (over $ 400), but for good reason. You get an advanced sensor and an intelligent hub to join the system. If you own rents, holiday homes or just travel frequently, the LeakSMART auto-off feature can stop the problem before it starts, so you won’t be returning home in the puddles on the floor or under the sink.

This is a unique feature that we could not find in other sensors. With some plumbing skills, you can connect the LeakSMART water valve to the water pipe. This smart valve connects to the Wi-Fi enabled smart hub, allowing you to communicate with sensors located throughout your home. You can configure these sensors to instruct the valve to shut down the water supply or simply to notify you of a problem by text message or email.

In general, we are fans of connectivity, sensitivity and long warranty. But you may need some basic plumbing skills to install this valve. If you are not sure how to install it yourself, we recommend professional installation.


  • Auto power off
  • 5-year warranty
  • Smart hub included


  • High price
  • Professional installation recommended


Our Final Thoughts

Most likely, your home has multiple points vulnerable to leaks and floods. No matter what type of sensor you choose, it is best to get at least two. These devices are small and portable, so you can place them under sinks and behind your washing machine, dishwasher, water heater or anywhere you have plumbing connections. The best water leak sensors are discrete until problems arise. Basic sensors emit an audible alarm to notify you, while smart sensors can send text messages or send automatic notifications if there is a problem. The best sensor for you depends on how you want to learn about a leak.


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