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With DIY (Do-It-Yourself) customize your Digital Home Security Solution

The DIY (Do-It-Yourself) digital home security system makes the digital home security solution market flexible with its convenient features of easy accessibility and customization. The DIY system allows you to customize your digital home security system according to your own desire and it not only gives you the option of cutting down the extra bucks by self installation but also allow you to set the home security system according to your own requirement. We sum up some of the best companies in the DIY segment to discuss about the range of facilities and features it offers and to give you a better customization option.

  1. Life Shield Home Security – LifeShield is one of the pioneering brand that provides digital home security solution for both DIY and individuals who prefer professional installations. Side by side of offering DIY option the company offer three packages one with the entry level packages and the other range from medium to exclusive depending upon the price range. For customers who want to monitor their own home LifeShield is a great option because it offers the customer to keep a track on their home at a very affordable price. LifeShield offers a 24/7 professional monitoring for a monthly package of $19.99 which is comparatively lower than the other companies. Customers also have option of customization where they can select own security system according to their requirement. Some of its highlighting features are it home automation compatibility and no contract.
  2. Ring – If you are looking for a 24/7 monitoring for best value than go for Ring security system. Ring’s home security system offers a base package at $199.00 which includes camera, doorbell motion detector, security alarm which provides a complete digital home security solution. Some of its highlights include home automation integration, no contract and professional monitoring. The subscription plan of Ring is very flexible and economical as their basic plan starts at $10/mo and also offers discount on extended warranties. Though it’s one of the best option for DIY user the facilities on the subscription is only limited to the premium user.
  3. Frontpoint – When it’s all about customization and you are looking to have the option of full accessibility Frontpoint is your man cause they are known for best customizable features and modern equipment in the digital home security solution. All the Frontpoint packages are designed with emphasis on DIY installation option which include 24/7 professional monitoring and wireless setup. Frontpoint’s monthly monitoring packages starts at $34.99/mo which is their lowest package and increase with more features.
  4. SimpliSafe – The focus on digital home security solution made Simplisafe dedicated to offer you with best technological option for both DIY & home automation segment. Simplisafe offers their packages with a 60 days trial option and for their technological effectiveness their security device are best option in the DIY segment for easy compatibility. Simplisafe basic package starts at $229.00 and the ranges goes up to $489.00 with the inclusion of additional features. Despite their best technological performance the basic monitoring plan does not have the option of mobile alerts and the environmental monitoring option can be avail in the higher packages.
  5. Arlo – Arlo came into the digital home security solution segment with an aim of protecting the individual’s and their loved places since it’s not possible for us to be at a multiple place at the same time. Arlo provide the solution with their option of best video recording and security packages at a competitive price with their range starts at $179.99. Some of their highlighting aspect include no contract, 24/7 cloud storage and phone alerts for motion detection. Arlo works on self monitoring system and did not have the option of professional monitoring. However if you avail its subscription plan you can monitor the video recording to stay on top of your security.

The DIY has expanded the horizon of the digital home security solution and gives you the option to customize you own security system. This approach of flexibility makes the market and the product more convenient to the user and the cost on installation can be cut down by the user. The DIY also gives the optimum benefit to the user in terms of performance as in assembling the best security device from different brands makes the home security much more effective. The DIY also helps the people in general and the customer in the digital home security solution to acquire knowledge on the different types security device and their performance which makes them aware about the product availability and their choices. The DIY also helps the user to cut down the extra cost on higher subscription packages and the installation cost by the expert professionals. So with DIY you can make your living easier cause your choice can make your life more secure than any company or professionals could ever provide.


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