Classification of Home Security Solution on the Basis of Product

digital home security solution

On the basis of product the digital home security solution system is divided into six types:

  1. Electronic Locks – An electronic lock is a locking device which operates by means of electric current. The electronic lock plays an integral role in the digital home security solution market. Sometimes electronic locks are made stand-alone with an electronic control assembly mounted directly to the lock. Electronic locks may be connected to an access control system, the advantages of which include: key control where keys can be added and removed without re-keying the lock cylinder; fine access control where time and place are factors; and transactions logging, where activity is recorded. To lock and to unlock electronic locks can also be remotely monitored and controlled. The advantages of the electronic lock are that it is more secure than the traditional lock and as for its upgraded system this type of locks are much more reliable. The disadvantages of these types of lock system is that once you forget the pin it’s very hard to unlock the door. Moreover the pin needs to be keeping safe and confidential so that other may not access it. And in the event of power failure the door locks didn’t work which restrict you from entering the building. Some of the types of electronic locks are keypad locks, biometric locks, magnetic strip locks, electric strip locks, electrochemical door locks, wireless locks.


2. Sensors – In the past the wireless home automation and security system model existed, but, in the last decade, due to the prompt development of wireless sensing technologies a large number of various types of smart homes have been developed that has paved the way for digital home security solution. Domains of smart home as a part of home automation and security are needed to be intelligent and context aware. The major wireless technologies used to implement these systems include Zwav, Insteon, Wavenis, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and ZigBee. Some of the types of sensors that are considered important in the home automation are motion sensors, water sensors, doorbell sensors, temperature sensors, light sensors and weather sensors. The sensor used for security systems has become much more cost effective these days. Moreover the system is concerned about overall security of the house and includes circuitry which in worse case automatically senses the situation and sends the emergency message on the websites which is easily accessed by security guard firm/owner or individual.

 3. Cameras – In the digital home security solution systems market CCTV camera is a very popular product of which people is aware of and this product has been in constant demand for its accessibility to monitor the place one has installed in and the recording can be checked as an when required to figure out the evidence of burglary or other events one is unaware of. The CCTV camera has been developed over the years and now there are sensors and night vision system installed which makes this device much more efficient in its performance. Previously CCTV lacks this function for which despite installing a CCTV camera the chances of possible risk were more higher compared to today’s technology. Moreover these days the CCTV camera could be synced to the mobile device for which one could detect the possible danger more easily. The wireless technology makes it much more advanced and the system are developed in such a way that one could not easily hack these devices. Therefore cameras have become an integral part of the modern home security solution systems.

 4.  7.5 Panic Buttons – The panic button is an electronic device which is linked to a alarm system so that in emergency situation it could be pressed easily to alert others about the possible danger. This system has become a part of the digital home security solution systems for its easy accessibility and awareing a large number of people during the danger. The capabilities of a panic button depend on the type of automation device installed at home. Basic system can turn on every light in the house or sound an audible siren when the button is activated. If you have a phone dialer, you can program the button to call an emergency number. Additionally the system can send text message via computer to designated numbers requesting additional assistance. Keychain controller exists for every major type of home automation technology includes X-10, INSTEON, Z-WAVE, and ZigBee. Often labeled as garage door openers or electronic door key, these same devices can be programmed to work as buttons in a home automation system. The disadvantages with automatic panic button are that works on battery so that it needs to be ensure that the batteries are periodically charge.


5. Fire Sprinklers & Extinguishers – A fire sprinkler or sprinkler head is the component of a fire sprinkler system that discharges water when the effects of the fire have been detected. Fire sprinklers are extensively used worldwide with over 40 million sprinklers head fitted each year. As a part of the home security system solution fire sprinklers have got a huge demand lately as these things have become much more effective in controlling accidental fire. Some of the types of fire sprinklers are quick response, standard response, CMSA, residential, ESFR. A fire extinguisher these days is playing an active role to tackle fire in home and also for extinguishing or controlling fire and often used in emergency situations. For its mobility and easy to access it has become one of the effective device for the home security solution system. Some of the types of extinguishers are water, wet chemical, foam, dry chemical, dry powder, carbon dioxide and vaporizing liquid.

6. Alarms – The home alarm system is used as a defensive device to monitor all unwelcome events such as intrusion, glass breaking and mainly to avoid theft. It is placed on the accessible entry points of the house which will turn on as soon as the intruder enters into the house. The advantage of installing alarm system is that it keeps one secure from theft of costly things. In addition a home alarm system is necessary not just for the material possessions but also for the protection of the employee. On the other hand some of the disadvantages include malfunctioning caused by the generation of false alarm. Moreover any insertion of improper password may trigger false alarm. The important part of the alarm system are its sensor that acts as an eyes and ears of the of the home alarm system by monitoring the break in point and interior areas. More advanced home alarm system may also contain vibration sensors detect when glass has been broken. Some of the types of alarm system include home burglar alarms, window and door sensors, motion detectors, main control panel.

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